Can I drink brown sugar water during menstruation? Can I cure dysmenorrhea?

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Speaking of this menstrual period, this is exclusive to women. Some women have a very painful menstruation and will be very painful. Let’s see if you can drink brown sugar water during menstruation? Can brown sugar cure dysmenorrhea:

Can I drink brown sugar water during menstruation:

Girls can take blood sugar to replenish blood and detoxify. Brown sugar water is helpful for women’s menstruation smoothly. Drinking hot brown sugar water can warm the body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and menstruation will be smooth.

If a female friend has a problem of poor menstruation and painful abdominal pain, you may wish to try this method; you can also add some ginger juice to cook together, nourish qi and nourish the liver (from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the uterus is exactly exactly the uterus is exactly the uterus. Walking on the liver), the effect of warm tendons will be better.

If you are afraid of eating sweets, as long as you start the day before menstruation and eat on the third day of menstruation, you can use the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis.

Can brown sugar cure dysmenorrhea:

Many women are used to drink brown sugar ginger soup during the physiological period. Indeed, the iron content in brown sugar is very high, which can make up for the loss of menstrual blood. Brown sugar also contains many calcium that can stabilize emotions and relieve pain. The warm stimulation of ginger soup also helps the effect of bleeding and analgesic, but this is only suitable for the cold -type constitution.

Hot dysmenorrhea, eating brown sugar can easily cause inflammation of the uterus. Drinking more ginger to boil brown sugar will not be effective. Instead, it will cause excessive inflammation and injury of the uterus, leaving sequelae.

You can drink brown sugar water during menstruation, which is good for the body, but brown sugar does not necessarily cure the dysmenorrhea, and the dysmenorrhea must be classified.

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