Can I eat eggs when I have a cold? Will I get a cold?

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Cold is uncomfortable. It is not fun at all. It is completely difficult to breathe and dizzy, and adults still say that they ca n’t eat eggs. Come and see if you have a cold, you can eat eggs? Will eating eggs worsen a cold:

Can you eat eggs when you have a cold:

The first thing to say is: Can I eat eggs when I have a cold?

You can eat some protein to improve your resistance, but fever does not advocate eating eggs, which will aggravate the condition.

Especially fried poached eggs or fried eggs. Eating eggs exacerbate fever symptoms because eggs mainly contain egg protein and eggphelin. It is a complete protein and 99.7%can be absorbed by the human body. After eating eggs, a certain amount of extra heat will increase the heat of the body and exacerbate the symptoms of fever. Don’t eat lean meat and fish, other high -protein foods such as lean meat, fish, etc., will also increase the body’s calories, you should eat as little as possible.

There are also less sweets when you have a cold. For example, those fruit of high sugar, such as litchi, longan, mango, etc. eat less. High -salt foods, such as pickled sausages, marinated bacon, etc.

Will eating eggs aggravate the disease:

The eggs are mainly protein and egg yolk. The protein is mainly protein. Eating can improve people’s resistance. Egg yolk is mainly cholesterol.

Will eating eggs aggravate the symptoms of a cold during a cold? Let’s take a look at this problem together. Cold is a very common disease. In the cold recovery stage, pay attention to strengthening nutrition and increase the body’s immunity. You can eat some foods such as eggs, milk, etc. to enhance your physique, but do not eat spicy foods and too greasy foods. Drink plenty of water, rest more, and soon recover. People will increase their temperature slightly after eating. This is because when the food is oxidized and decomposed in the body, in addition to the release of thermal energy itself, it will also increase the basic metabolic rate of the human body, stimulate the human body to produce additional heat. effect.

So he could not eat eggs with a cold.

A cold cannot eat eggs. In fact, people who have fever accompanied by fever cannot eat eggs after a cold. The main reason is that egg yolk contains a lot of energy. The symptoms of fever, so people who have a fever after a cold cannot eat eggs. Those who have no fever can eat eggs. When the human body’s resistance decreases, it is easy to catch a cold. During the cold, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Drink plenty of water, speed up metabolism, rest and improve your body’s immunity and accelerate cold recovery. So can you eat eggs when you have a cold?

Colds can eat eggs, but you ca n’t eat this to pay attention to fever. Eat eggs do not aggravate the disease.

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