Can Moslian yogurt be heated? When will you drink well?

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Speaking of this Moslian, this is a brand, a yogurt brand, it is still very hot. Many people like it very much. Let’s see if Mosli yogurt can be heated? When is the best to drink Moslian yogurt:

Can Moslian yogurt be heated:


Yogurt has u0026 ldquo; live bacteria u0026 rdquo;, capable u0026 ldquo; calcium supplement u0026 rdquo;, this is something that people recognize, but how to drink yogurt correctly and let the yogurt’s tens of millions of u0026 ldquo; live bacteria u0026 rdquo Many people are not clear. The well -known domestic Moslian nutrition experts suggest that if you want to play the maximum effect of yogurt, it is best to drink at night. It is best not to heat it when drinking.

Moslian nutrition experts introduced that when yogurt was first produced, there were many live bacteria. Only refrigerated can reserve live bacteria well. According to the national standards of food safety, yogurt and other dairy products must be stored at 2-6 ° C temperature. When drinking, the suitable temperature of the yogurt should be at 10 ° C-12 ° C. This temperature can ensure the good flavor and taste of the yogurt, ensure that the nutrients of the yogurt are not destroyed and fully absorbed by the human body.

Moslian nutritionist said that yogurt will be heated to kill active lactic acid bacteria, and the lactating water is separated, losing part of its original nutritional ingredients. When some elderly or patients are afraid that they cannot drink directly, they can warm them through warm water, but the temperature must not exceed 60 ° C, heat it to 45 ° C-50 ° C. During the period from 12 o’clock to the early morning, there are fewer factors that affect calcium absorption in the human body. It is also the lowest blood calcium content of the human body, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food. At this time, drinking yogurt is more conducive to the absorption of calcium. Under normal circumstances, it is better to drink yogurt 30 minutes to 2 hours after dinner.

When will Moslian yogurt drink well:

Drinking yogurt at night is more. Because from the perspective of calcium supplementation, because the human body no longer consumes calcium -containing foods at night, the metabolism of calcium is still quietly carried out in sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to eat an appropriate amount of calcium -rich dairy before going to bed. Yogurt, the lactic acid it contains helps the human body and intestines at night, so drinking at night will not only cause indigestion, but also help prevent constipation. It is best to drink yogurt about one hour after dinner, and do not drink yogurt during an empty stomach. Because lactic acid bacteria in yogurt during an empty stomach are easily killed by stomach acid, the health effect of yogurt will weaken.

Moslian yogurt cannot be heated. Pay attention to the time of drinking, so that it can be better for the body.

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