Can the bull whip really aphrodisiac?

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The bull whip is the reproductive organ of the cattle, and many men like to eat very much. Different places are also different about the bull whip’s name. Let’s see if the bull whip is really aphrodisiac? How to eat the aphrodisiac:

Can the bull whip really aphrodisiac:

The bull whip is the gogher of the male cattle, which has the effect of warming the kidney and yang. Since ancient times, the concept of u0026 ldquo; what to eat u0026 rdquo; is deeply ingrained. Many people think that the genitals of edible animals can be aphrodisiac and qi and blood. Western medicine is different from traditional Chinese medicine. It does not recognize that the bull whip is related to the aphrodisiac. The Chinese generally believe that the animal organs and sexual functions are directly related. Eating whip is almost equal to the aphrodisiac. Western aphrodisiacs mainly depend on drugs. However, many domestic medical experts expressed their recognition of the aphrodisiac effect of the bull whip, and pointed out that it contains the effects of impotence, protein, fat and other ingredients, and is a good male supplement.

How to eat the aphrodisiac in the whip:

Raw materials: clear water, beef whip, chicken oil, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, wolfberry, salt, MSG.


1. Take about 1 kg of the stems of the male anthocyan oxen, go to the skin, and insert it inside the hole with a sharp sharp knife.

2. Remove the boiling water, tear off the floating skin, scrape the impurities, and then several times until there is no smell.

3, the aluminum pot is 1 kg of water, add beef whip, chicken oil, chicken, the chicken is boiled, and the foam is used to add pine ginger, peppercorns, cooking wine to the low heat and stew until it is stewed until the low heat is stewed until the low heat is stewed until it is stewed until the low heat is stewed until it is stewed. Eight mature.

4. Take out the cow whip into a strip, filter the original soup with gauze, pour into the pot, put it in the wolfberry and cut cow whip nocal, and continue to stew.

5. Add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG to the soup bowl when serving. The characteristics are red and white, with beautiful shapes, cow punching soft and glutinous, strong soup, rich nutrition, and strong nourishing.

It is really unclear whether the bull whip can be aphrodisiac. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can be aphrodisiac, and Western medicine believes that it is not possible to have aphrodisiac, and you can still make some bull whip to eat it yourself.

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