Can the soybean sprout be green? Can you eat?

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Can the yellow bean sprouts eat green? If you have a bean sprouts in your home, you sometimes have a sime gel. Take a look at what is going on.

Can Yellow bean sprouts eat green?

First, it is certain that the yellow bean sprouts can be eaten after greening, although the change in color occurs, but does not produce toxins, so there will be no discomfort after consumption.

Why is green:

The general soy gear sprouts do not need to be seen when germination, so it has been yellow when the soybean is yellowed. Yellow bean sprouts are green because the soy gear has a light, which will make green, which is the normal selection of plants, so it does not produce harmful substances that are harmful to the human body.

Many people will have questions, they will link soybean sprouts and germination of potatoes. In fact, both are not related. The potato will produce a dragoon, and the yellow bean sprouts are just simply emit chlorophyll, and they do not affect the human health, so they can be worried.

If you have a soy sprout at home, you can control the green, you don’t want to change green, then you have been placed on a place. If you like the green color, you can put it properly, not long, the soy sprout will become green. Therefore, the yellow jugger has turned green, it is a normal phenomenon, which can be assured.

Can the bean sprouts can eat:

However, if the bean sprouts have a green shinning (called u0026 ldquo; rotten “, it is no longer able to use it again, especially if there is yellow green and the bean sprouts have a sticky phenomenon, then Don’t eat anymore, it is a huge carcass, and there is a strong carcinogenic effect, and the poison is large. If only the bean sprouts are green, there is no sticky, rotten roots, that is not enough, you can eat, just a taste may almost, not so “fresh u0026 rdquo;

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