How can a foot itchy stop itching quickly

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1. It will be very itchy when you get the athlete. How can you quickly relieve itching?
If there is no ointment that can stop itching quickly, I suggest you use alcohol or white wine at home to sterilize, which can temporarily relieve itching.

Apply the ointment to quickly relieve itching, and a few drops of flower dew can also stop itching.
2. Itching method of foot itching immediately?
The itching method of the athlete itching is to soak your feet with salt water first, and then apply the antifungal benivorous cream to the doctor. In addition, during treatment, remember not to scratch the affected area by hand, so as not to cause cross -infection. It is also necessary to keep the affected area clean and hygienic, wear breathable and loose shoes and socks.

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3, the foot of the foot is extremely itchy, what method quickly relieve itching. (Urgent)
Tinea -footed or scattered blisters between the soles and toes appear. There are mild redness outside, which can be fused into large blisters. It is often itchy. The different ring scales will form pustules if there is a bacterial infection. Treatment; you do not have pustules or erosion. Generally, 10-30%methamphetamine is applied 2 times a day, or 10%of lyceine is soaked with icilin acid for 1-2 times for 30 minutes each time. Or use 3%salicylic acid, 6%of benzoic acid 2-3 times a day. If the skin is dry, 3-6%salicylic acid ointment or 6-12%benzoic acid ointment can be used. Note; you have a ringworm, you should separate from your family’s foot washing towels and slippers. Do not mix it to prevent circulating infection. Usually wash your feet and keep it dry. Do not scratch it with your hands. Where you scratch your hands will be infected and where.
4. How to relieve itching, a powerful and fast way to get itching, itching of the foot itching immediately
The symptoms of the foot itching are generally the symptoms of the athlete. Infectious skin diseases. Because the vitality of fungi in the external environment is strong, athletes are a very stubborn infectious skin disease. And generally itching, erosion, peeling and so on. Different athlete types are slightly different in removing methods.
1. erosion beath air
In the early days, it was only peeling to the toe seam. When the stuffy and humidity, it would itch, and a slightly severe white carrion appeared on the toes. This kind of foot air is the most common one in all the types of athletes.
Suggestion: Try to grasp as little as possible. You can use hot water and half a spoonful of salt and two spoons of white vinegar to soak your feet to relieve itching.
2. Bubbley beets
At first, it was a full small blisters, and some would be fused into large bubbles. The foam is transparent and there is no redness around, and it feels itchy. It usually appears in high temperature summer. Winter shoes will appear more than covering, and the infection speed is fast.
Suggestion: Putting water after disinfectionPick the bubble, squeeze out the tissue liquid in the blisters. Pay attention to the squeezed tissue liquid.
3. Keeping athletes
Such athletes are mostly on the heels. The main manifestations are thick and dry skin, keratosis, itching, prone to cracking, and no blisters or erosion.
Suggestion: Due to the thick keratin, the fungus is hidden deep. It is recommended to soak your feet for more than 15 minutes per night to soften the keratin and apply the ointment to absorb it.
For foot air, you can apply it with clhcoxazole, foot Yishu, etc. For stubborn beater patients, it is better to use foot to be better for external plant components. Generally, it can be cured in about half a month.
While the treatment of drugs, patients with athletes should pay attention to keeping their feet dry. They insist on soaking feet every day and replace shoes and socks in time. After the symptoms are reduced or disappeared, they will consolidate the treatment for a period of time to reduce the chance of athlete recurrence.

Itching of the beets can be washed with sulfur soap, and the dermatologist is checked early to avoid aggravation of the symptoms.

Foot air, I believe many people are no stranger. It is also known as ringworm, which occurs in the skin infection of the skin of the skin of the foot and the skin of the toe. Sometimes it can be extended to the heel and the back of the feet, but only the back of the foot is called ringworm. Fungus is called Tingling bacteria, which is a fungus that likes to live in the cuticle of the skin. They have some living in the soil, called parent fungi; some live on animal fur, called parental fungi; others live in human fur, called loved ones
For wanting to think about Pay attention from personal hygiene to get rid of the athlete, and then match the u0026#36713; u0026#12289; u0026#32908; u0026#12289; u0026#20936;

First of all, there are three common athletes. The scales keratinized beriberi rotten beaths and athletes. Replace a pair of socks. At the same time, developing the habit of wearing five -finger socks can also help us effectively prevent the problem of beriberi
The habit of washing your feet every day in normal life, especially before going to bed at night Only by washing your feet clean can you avoid the breeding of bacteria. And when washing your feet, you can also cooperate with the massage, which can promote the circulation of blood on the foot, thereby playing the purpose of fitness and moisten the athlete
with u0026#36713; u0026#32908; u0026#12289; ; u0026#20936; Wipe, more than ten days will improve.

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