How can I eat too much when I eat too much?

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Yang Mei, many people like to eat, look good, and feel a little crystal clear in the sun. Let’s see what will happen to Yang Mei to eat too much? How much is the right one at a time of Yangmei:

What will happen to Yang Mei when you eat too much:

1. Easy to fire

Yangmei is warm, easy to get angry, bayberry Eat too much sparse poison, promote heat, and people who have hot people in the body or hot people cannot eat, let alone eat them with shallots.

2. It is easy to cause gastric ulcers

Bayberry is slightly acidic and can appetite, but people with excessive gastric ulcers, excessive gastric acid, and blood and heat should not eat more;

3. Easy Damage to the teeth

In addition, the layer of the outside of our teeth is called the enamel, and the enamel is called the pulp quality. Strong acidity will corrode the teeth. The symptoms are mainly tooth beds and the tip of the tongue foam. Therefore, for bayberry, patients with ulcer disease eat cautiously, do not eat more toothache, excessive stomach acid, and get angry.

4. Causes blood sugar to rise

Bayberry is rich in glucose, fructose, etc. If diabetic patients are consumed too much, it will cause blood sugar to rise and endanger the condition.

5. Constipation

People who have eaten too much for constipation will also aggravate the condition. The reason is that the acidic substances in the bayberry will stimulate the gastric mucosa with the gastric acid, which induces gastric ulcers, which will destroy normal normal The defecation function is aggravated.

How much is it suitable for Yang Mei to eat at a time:

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the fruits have their own u0026 ldquo; character u0026 rdquo;, everyone should choose fruit of different attributes according to their physique. Yangmei is a kind of warm and hot summer seasonal fruits. It contains more acids. Some people have oral ulcers when they eat too much. People with too many stomach acids can easily damage gastric mucosa. How much is it suitable for eating? This must be determined according to different constitutions, especially children should not eat more.

When eating bayberry, you should eat as little as possible, or eat it several times, so that if you do it, the chance of getting angry will be greatly reduced; It is better not to exceed four to six. Note that it is best not to eat before going to bed, because bayberry has acidic ingredients, which is not good for children’s teeth.

Yang Mei is delicious but don’t eat too much. Be careful to get angry. If you are not good for your body, children cannot eat too much.

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