How does the lung nodule cause

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1. What is the lung nodule, how is the lung nodule caused?

Lung cancer is one of the most harmful malignant tumors in human health. Although with the clinical application of targeted therapy and immunotherapy It is obviously extended, but the overall five -year survival rate is still not optimistic. The most effective method for lung cancer is early discovery, early diagnosis and early treatment. Therefore, early lung CT screening is an effective way to prevent lung cancer. With the popularity of CT, the “side reaction” brought by more and more lung nodules is found. According to statistics, one of the people in the physical examination of the chest was found with lung nodules, and more than 90%of them did not perform any performance. The diagnosis of lung nodule on the CT report brought panic to many people, which seriously affected the quality of life. In the face of lung nodules, our correct attitude should be scientifically treated and visited in time.

What is the lung nodule?

The lung nodule refers to a nodule shadow that is in the essence of the lungs instead of a normal lung tissue, with a diameter of less than 3 cm, of which the diameter is less than 1 cm. We call the lumps greater than 3 cm. The lung nodule can be manifested as one alone or multiple. More than 80%-90%of the lung nodules are benign, such as benign tumors, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pulmonary intravenous deformity, old lesions, etc. During the process, bad changes may occur.

What is grinding glass nodules?

The grinding glass nodules are also called grinding glass shadows, froster glass nodules, etc., and are referred to as GGO or GGN in English, which shows that the density is mild and mild cloud -like light shadow or nodules. It is named like the frosted glass on the CT. Depending on whether the nodules contain solid ingredients, there are mixed grinding glass nodules and pure grinding glass nodules with solid ingredients. According to the pathological nature, grinding glass nodules can be a benign lesion such as fibrosis, inflammation or bleeding, etc., or cancer, such as atypical adenoma, in situ adenocarcinoma, or malignant tumors such as micro -infiltrated adenocarcinoma, and adenocarcinoma, such as micro -infiltrated adenocarcinoma, and adenocarcinoma, such as micro -infiltration adenocarcinoma, and adenocarcinoma Transfer cancer, etc.

What is the high risk of lung cancer?

High -risk nodules of lung cancer may be lung cancer or may be transformed into lung nodules with higher risk of lung cancer. If there are many risk factors such as long-term smoking history, family history of lung cancer, and other organs in the body that clarify malignant tumors. The diameter of the tumor is ≥1.5 cm or the diameter is between 0.8-1.5 cm. The nodules of vicious CT signs such as pulling, fine bronchial signs and air bubbles, eccentric thick walls, and empty walls, and some solid nodules with a diameter of more than 0.8 cm are high -risk nodules. High -risk nodules require experienced video doctors, respiratory doctors orComprehensive judgment of thoracic surgeons.

The more likely the lung cancer is the lung cancer?

This answer is negative. The number of lung nodules is not related to lung cancer. Caused attention.

What should I do if I found the lung nodule?

First of all, it is clear that lung nodule is not equal to lung cancer or early lung cancer. It does not have to be overly anxious. Excessive panic is not desirable but ignored. Excessive panic can affect physiological and immune function and induce diseases; ignoring it will delay the condition and lose the best treatment time. If you find that the lung nodules should bring detailed video materials and medical history to the hospital, you can do some examinations, such as detailed physical examination, tumor markers in blood, tumor cells in sputum, etc. PET/CT can be performed. For example, patients with high risk can be diagnosed by fibrous pelvic mirrors and CT guidance. Another weapon for lung cubing diagnosis is electromagnetic navigation bronchial mirrors. The principle is similar to the navigation system we drive. In the complex lung bronchial network, it is precisely found a sub -nodule distributed in all corners. In addition to diagnosis, it can also be used as a diagnosis. Precision positioning before surgery to reduce the scope of surgical resection. What is even more gratifying is that it can also be disclosed directly on the basis of precision navigation, so that many patients can avoid the suffering of surgery.

After detailed examination, patients generally have four options:

1. A short -term review after oral antibiotics

Pneumonia or typical pneumonia are manifested as a lot of pulmonary nodules. Many patients disappear or significantly smaller after short -term oral antibiotic treatment. Especially for the first time, the glass nodules are found, and antibiotics are particularly important.

2. Follow up closely

Handling closely like a police officer staring at the suspect. You must finally determine the good or bad of the other party through long -term observation. The CT examination is the policeman, and the lung nodule is the suspect. The method of judging is to do CT check again within a period of time (preferably thin layer CT). In contrast to the previous CT, the judgment size, density, location, etc. Change, and malignant nodules can grow significantly in the short term. The duration of the specific follow -up interval shall be comprehensively judged by the doctor’s history and test results according to the medical history and examination results, and the high -risk nodules of lung cancer should shorten the follow -up time. If most nodules have not grown up within two years, they are considered benign nodules or low malignant, but some nodules such as grinding glass nodules should increase follow -up years.

3. Surgical resection

Surgical resection is the best treatment method in front of malignant pulmonary sodes. For patients with lung malignant tumors cannot be clearly diagnosed and highly suspected of lung malignant tumor, surgical treatment can be considered. The current commonly used surgical formula is underneath lobular wedge resection, which has a small trauma, healing fast, and small impact on life. On the one hand, patients should not be too worried about surgical treatment, and on the other hand, they still need to keep in mind that most lung nodules are benign. Do not cause excessive treatment due to excessive anxiety.

4. Diplomatic treatment

Compared with surgical treatment, ablation therapy is more minimally invasive, and the diagnosis and treatment can be completed in one operation. Normal lung function, at the same time, can be treated with multiple lung nodules located in different lung lobes at one time. The ablation therapy can be completed under the guidance of electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy, or under CT guidance, and can also achieve the healing effect of early lung cancer. However, surgical resection is still the first choice method for most malignant lung nodules. The following patients can consider ablation treatment: 1. Poor lung function and cannot tolerate surgical treatment; 2. It has been removed once, and then resection seriously affects life; 3. Pulmonary nodules, surgery cannot be removed at one time; 4. Patients who are too afraid of surgery and anxiety.

icon: The electromagnetic navigation tracheal mirrors precisely locate the pulmonary nodules, and the pathology of the biopsy site is clearly ablation based on adenocarcinoma to achieve the effect of cure.

How to take the follow -up review correctly?

As mentioned earlier, most nodules are benign, so the answers received by most friends who found lung nodes at the hospital were followed up. When the doctor made a decision to follow up, it shows that this nodule is currently assured, but in clinical practice, we found that follow -up brings a great psychological burden on many patients and friends. Many people are waiting for the next review. Sentences, and even some friends counting reviews every day or urgently will be reviewed in advance. In fact, this psychology is not desirable. Patients and friends should realize that the lung nodule is finally proved to be a benign or a high probability event. The follow -up time is also formulated by the doctor based on the clinical and video characteristics. What needs to be done in the interval is to forget the normal life of the nodule. For patients who discovered the glass nodules for the first time, follow -up can make 40%of patients from unnecessary surgery.

Is there any radiation energy for CT?

Follow -up is the main prevention and treatment method of the current lung nodule, but patients often have patients with CT examinations, mainly due to the radiation of CT. Both CT and X -ray have X -ray radiation, and CT is slightly larger than X -ray radiation, so during pregnancy, pregnant women and infants should try to avoid CT or X -ray examinations. However, adults generally do not have any problems with inspections (within 10 times) a year. Patients and friends should adjust their mentality and cooperate with the inspection

How to choose a variety of CTs?

Low dose CT:

Current evidence shows that low -dose CT is an effective means to screen lung cancer. The main advantage is that the radiation dose is small, and its radiation dose is about 1/4 of the ordinary CT. Essence

Ordinary CT flat sweeping:

Ordinary CT flat sweep is currently the most widely used CT examination. Most grass -roots hospitals are equipped. Ordinary CT flat scanning laminar distance is usually for 8-10mm. Both low -dose CT and ordinary CT are commonly used as a body examination. The advantage is that it is fast inspection and low equipment requirements. The disadvantage is that the laminar spacing is too wide, which may cause missed diagnosis of small nodules.

High -resolution CT:

High -resolution CT is a CT with a smaller laminar. The general layer distance is less than 5mm. Compared with conventional CT, the accuracy is higher and the resolution is stronger. See the small structure in the lungs, which can be used as a follow -up of the lung nodules, especially the glass nodules.

Pulmonary small nodule thin layer CT:

Pulmonary small nodule thin layer CT is a inspection item specifically for lung nodule for radiation department. The resolution is higher, and the density of the nodule can be accurately determined. Three -dimensional reconstruction can accurately measure the volume of the nodules, the relationship with the blood vessels, edges, etc., which is conducive to the judgment of benign. Essence It is currently the first choice for lung nodule.

Enhanced CT:

Generally, the lung nodule does not need to enhance the CT examination, but the dynamic enhancement CT, especially the dynamic of the somed, enhances CT for identifying isolation of isolation. Experienced respirators or thoracic physicians.


PET/CT can be used for diagnosis of high -risk solid nodules or partial real nodules in lung cancer. When multiple nodules can also provide reference opinions for which nodules to choose biopsy for biopsy, The main principle is that tumor cells have higher glucose intake and metabolism. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive, and it is not recommended to be a routine follow -up as a small lung nodule.

The lung nodule is a lesion with a diameter of the human lung less than three cm. Without lung nodules, a density of a density found on the chest flat and CT is the lung nodule. The reason for the formation of the lung nodule is very complicated. Nodules mainly include inflammation, infection, or hyperplasia, and tumors are divided into benign lung nodules and malignant lung nodules. Malignant lung nodules are the general calling lung cancer
node nodulesThere are many reasons for it, as follows:
1. Smoking, the most important reason, most of the smokers can find the lung nodule for thin layer of the chest, but the general nodules are relatively small, below 7mm.
2. There are many patients with lung nodules without smoking, especially female patients, which may be caused by various factors such as air pollution, car tail gas or kitchen oil fume.
3. The lung nodule may not find the reason.
The population of the lung nodules is particularly large. According to the existing data, about 100 million people have lung nodules. However, although the positive rate of the pulmonary nodules detected by the physical examination is about 25%, more than 90%of the lung nodules are benign. Therefore, if you find out the lung nodules, you don’t have to panic, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment

The occurrence of pulmonary nodules and many factors are related. If a nodule occurs, if a infection occurs, it will also cause lung nodules. Luo abscess, parasitic disease, spherical pneumonia, etc. will cause lung nodules.

The lung nodule refers to the image name of the lung with shadows when the lung is CT. Generally, the lung nodules that are less than six mm are benign, and it is likely to stay due to inflammation and stay. Some soft tissue shadow.
2. How did the lung nodule produce? What do you need to pay attention to when you get the lung nodule?
During the physical examination, there are many pulmonary nodules. Although they are healthy and healthy, they do not smoke or drink, but they can cause more than these causes of lung nodules. It may be due to emotions or because of previous inflammation. There are many reasons to cause lung nodules. Pay attention to listening to doctors’ suggestions, follow -up on time, and early treatment!

Reasons: long -term smoking (more than 30 packs per year), second -hand smoke, oil fume, etc.; , Intertically interstitial pneumonia and other lung diseases; quit smoking. Smoking is harmful to health, everyone knows. The impact of smoking on the lungs is the greatest, and everyone can understand. However, smoking can cause the cancer of the lung nodules, and some people may know. Strengthen physical exercise and strengthen immunity. The emergence of cancer is often a person with low immunity. Regular physical exercise can not only lose weight and increase lung capacity, but also improve autoimmunity and reduce the possibility of lung nodules to a greater extent!

Tuberculosis infection: manifested as a lung nodule, a common cause of clinical disease; ;
Pulmon nodules need to pay attention to. First of all, you need to avoid active smoking and passive smoking. To put it plainly, you have to quit smoking. The second is to avoid occupational exposure. For example, it is definitely not possible to have environmental pollution such as long -term contact with asbestos.

Definition of lung nodule: a single, clear border, and imperfect imageA nodule with a diameter of less than 3 cm is a lesion that is fastened by gas -containing lung tissue.
The lung nodule may be the manifestation of inflammation, tuberculosis or tumor. Most of the nodules are benign, and very few need to be alert to cancer.
High -risk lung nodules, of course, have to choose surgery without hesitation. For general lung nodules, you can observe first. The thoracic doctor will give the following three suggestions:
1. There is no need to review it with a benign, and you can participate in the medical examination every year.
2. It may not be wonderful, and surgical resection is more suitable
Of course, it is not good to get sick, but it is also a lucky to be found early. With more than 10mm grinding glass nodules, don’t hesitate, just surgery. The operation is basically minimally invasive.
3. Many people often say that lung nodules are often produced. How does this disease happen?
This is a infectious disease that can be transmitted by saliva, but this disease can now be cured in my country

The lung nodules are divided into benign and malignant. It may be because we inhaled the air, not clean, and haze. Or our lungs are inflamed and injured.

Pulmonary nodules generally refer to nodule disease, but lung nodules are generally not separated by separate, usually due to the lesions formed by some past tuberculosis history, or some lung inflammation caused by inflammation of the lungs in the lungs. of. When a lung nodule occurs, the size of the lung nodules must be observed first. If it is a very small single -round lung nodule, and the patient itself has no symptoms, it is generally not necessary to deal with it. And if the lung nodules are relatively large or more, or the patients themselves have obvious inflammatory manifestations, this situation needs to be further checked and treated as soon as possible, and most of them can improve after treatment.
4. What are the causes of lung nodules?
The lung nodule should be caused by the inflammation of the lungs during a cold. However, the lung nodules should also be caused by the hyperplasia of tumors or lungs and tuberculosis. It is recommended to go to a hospital for further examination, and you can diagnose it through the puncture of the lungs. There are often coughing breasts. There are also suggestions caused by inflammation. They should eat lighter at ordinary times and ban smoking and alcohol.

The lung nodule should be caused by the inflammation of the lungs during a cold. However, the lung nodules should also be caused by the hyperplasia of tumors or lungs and tuberculosis. It is recommended to go to a hospital for further examination, and you can diagnose it through the puncture of the lungs. There are often coughing breasts. There are also suggestions caused by inflammation. They should eat lighter at ordinary times and ban smoking and alcohol.

The cause of the lung nodule is unclear. Observations for infection (such as bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, etc.) have not been concluded without exact. Research on genetic factors has not been confirmed. In recent years, some authors have discovered the DN of the Tuberculosis in patients with PCR technology in patients with nodular diseaseA positive rate reaches 50%, so it is proposed that nodule disease is the result of the invasion of bacteria into the tissue, but many experiments have not confirmed this argument.

Data shows that Sarcoidosis is a granulation disease of a multi -system and multi -organ grace that is unknown. As high as 80%to 90%.

The lung nodules are distributed in the world. The incidence of European and American families has a high incidence. Eastern nations are rare, and they are more common in 20 to 40 years old.

Extended information:

Prognosis of the disease:

It is related to the condition of nodule disease. Those with acute onset, after treatment or relief, the prognosis is better; chronic performed sexuality, invading multiple organs, causing functional damage, and a wide prognosis of broad fibrosis or acute infection.

The cause of death is often caused by primary heart disease or myocardial and brain violations. It has been reported that 34%of the cases in the five -year follow -up have completely recovered, 30%improved, and 20%remain unchanged. The diseases and deaths accounted for 8%.

Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Lung Nodule

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