How does the nutritional value of oysters eat oysters like experts

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Oyster, this is a very delicious seafood. Eating in your mouth is a feeling of enjoyment. Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of oysters? How to eat oysters like an expert:

The nutritional value of oysters:

1. Calcium carbonate contained in oysters has the effects of convergence, acid, pain relief, etc., which is conducive to the stomach and duodenum intestine Healing of ulcers. Animal experiments have proved that oyster preparation white pearls can treat guinea pig experimental ulcers and prevent the occurrence of experimental gastric ulcers in rats, and can inhibit the secretion of free acid and total acid in rats;
2. Oyster may have regulation The function of the entire cerebral cortex.生用鎮靜、軟堅、解熱的效力良好;煅用則澀而帶燥,收斂固澀之力較強;

3.牡蠣味咸、澀,性微寒;歸肝、心、 Kidney meridians; quality town drops, decentralized and can be collected; the only shellfish that can be eaten raw; it has the effects of flat liver and dive sun, town is shocked, soft, and convergence and astringent effects; Irritability, epilepsy and madness, tumor, breast lump, self -sweating and night sweats, frequent urination, leakage belt, swallowing acid and stomach pain, eczema ulcers.


生蠔的種類很多,有些口感偏咸,有些口感清淡,有的個頭It is very small, and some are very large. If you don’t know the oysters very well, you can actually seek suggestions from the restaurant waiters. Tell your request to the waiter that those who want salty are light, the size is small, medium or large.

2. Determine the quality of the oysters

The oysters of the western restaurants are all prying. If the oysters are found to be broken, the restaurant can be required to return. The good oyster oysters are full and rich, and the texture looks delicate; there must be juice in the shell, distributed around the oyster meat. This juice is a seawater growing in oysters. It shows that the nutrients of oyster growth are not sufficient. Of course, the slightly obscure color does not mean that the oyster growth is not clean, because the oysters cannot survive in the polluted waters, which can basically rest assured). If the oyster meat that is now pried open is obviously discolored, it looks dry, and even wrinkled into a ball, indicating that the oysters are not fresh or the quality is very poor.

3. The correct way to eat oysters

After the oysters are prying open, you can swallow it directly, or you can add a little lemon juice or other ingredients to remove the fishy smell. The correct way to eat oysters is to hold the shell with a hand to send the wider end to the mouth. If it is a smaller oyster, you can use your mouth to suck the slippery meat and juice into your mouth. The meat can use the spoon or fork provided by the restaurant to suck the oyster meat into the mouth. Do not chew miles after sucking in your mouth. You can chew 2-3 before swallowing (some people do not chew and swallow it directly.The sweetness of the meat is displayed).It is worth noting that when sucking oyster meat and juice, do not make too loud noise. Do n’t swallow it too fast after sucking into your mouth. You can taste delicious oyster meat and delicious juice.After eating oysters, the shell can be put back on the ice of the oyster.

The nutritional value of oysters is introduced here. This oyster is also skillful. If you want to be a person, you can eat oysters elegantly.

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