How long can I live with myocardial infarction?

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1. How long can I live after myocardial infarction

How to prevent recurrence of myocardial infarction
For nearly 20 years, due to the improvement of the level The rate decreases significantly from about 30 % to less than 10 %. However, the number of patients with multiple infarction or multiple infarction has become one of the main causes of death after myocardial infarction. Therefore, in addition to active treatment in the acute stage, rehabilitation and secondary prevention after myocardial infarction should also be strengthened to extend the life expectancy of patients, improve the quality of life and restore work ability. The second -level prevention after myocardial infarction includes:
1. Sanitary publicity and education for patients and their families, so that patients and family members have awareness of the disease, understand the significance of various prevention and treatment measures, and reduce the concerns of the disease. It can be actively cooperated in the prevention and control.
2. Arrange a reasonable diet to reduce the intake of total fat, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Those with overweight overweight must limit total calories. After 3 months of adjustment, those who are still obviously abnormal in blood lipid levels can choose blood lipid regulators for blood lipid abnormalities.
3. Smoking stress persuasion. Smoking is not only a risk factor for arteriosclerosis, but also a risk factor for angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and re -infarction. Patients recovered after myocardial infarction, the incidence of the continued smoking of the smokers is about twice that those who have no smoking or smoking have been quit. The Norwegian multi -center studies, in the 17 months after myocardial infarction, smoking quitters decreased by 45 % compared with the continued smokers, and after 3 years, the cigarette quit person’s death and re -infarction were significantly reduced compared with the heart cause of the smokers. Passive smoking is the same danger as smokers, so stress persuades patients’ relatives to quit smoking, and patients should work in smoke -free environments after recovery. Smoking may induce coronary artery spasm, platelet gathering, reducing the reserve capacity of coronary arteries and side branches. Accompanied by hypercholesterol, the degree of smoking is highly related to coronary atherosclerosis lesions. Smoking can increase coronary arteries. These may easily induce re -infarction.
4. Appropriate physical activity and exercise. You can take exercise methods such as walking, gymnastics, Tai Chi, qigong, etc. to enhance your physique.
5. Those with high blood pressure or diabetes should be appropriately controlled.
6. Anti -platelet treatment. Polyllium injustice plays an important role in myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction or sudden death in coronary arterial spasm, thrombosis, or gathered in myocardial microcirculation. Aspirin is a cheap and easy anti -platelet preparation with low side effects and facilitated long -term application.
7. Apply β -receptor blocker. A large number of clinical trial results prove that the β -receptor blocker can reduce the incidence of the then -after infarction, the rate of sudden death, the heart mortality, and the total mortality rate. Commonly used β -blockers include experience, ammonia, ammonia heart, and beauty.
8. After the recovery of acute myocardial infarction, adhere to the medicine under the guidance of the doctor, follow up the clinic, observe the condition, and adjust the medication. If you reproduce angina pectoris, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to preventThen stalk.
How long can my myocardial infarction be cured?
First of all, my father was just successfully entered the hospital bracket due to sudden myocardial infarction in 2005, and he stent again three months later. So far, it has returned well.
My classmate’s father also made a bracket, but died last year.

I think the specific situation of everyone is different, such as personal physical fitness, personal mentality, and doctors’ experience. But it is certain that if you pay attention to maintenance, it will definitely last for a long time. It should be less in 20 years. Really!

1. Don’t panic and relax the patient’s mentality. A good mentality is the best medicine!

2. Persist in asking the doctor’s opinions, especially in the winter and spring season. It is a seasonal season for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. We must insist on doing a comprehensive physical examination, and then find your dad’s attending doctor to ask if he is suitable for various indicators. Within the range, whether treatment is required, such as the medicine for injection of blood vessels.

3. I don’t know if your dad uses imported stents or domestic. But the drug after surgery is the key. Most of them are taken for life. Remember to persist!

4. If the condition allows, a small glass of dried red wine and an apple every day after dinner are quite beneficial to the cardiovascular. My father has been insisting on Any health medicine!

Finally, I believe that the success rate of the current bracket technology is already the same as before. Don’t listen to the “alarmist” on TV ads. In his later years, and I firmly believe that he will accompany you to you to accept it!

We have to work hard!

The effect of cardiac intervention surgery is generally very good, but the brackets put in are not universal. The brackets that are placed in myocardial infarction are possibly caused by myocardial spasm. It is not not there, so you need to see the prognosis of the patient’s extensive front wall infarction on weekdays. It is really difficult to live for 20 years. What about other parts? It ’s hard for the time being, it’ s hard to say that it ’s hard to say that after the case is proof that there is indeed after the infarction, I lived the same for 10 years as normal as normal and not in a few. Large extension of patients’ survival time because of too high blood viscosity will induce obstruction again

Do not lose confidence to cooperate with the doctor and effectively recover after surgery

Since the bracket is put It should be relieved, myocardial infarction will not recur often often. However, pay attention to low -fat diet in diet, light,Control the blood vessels to block again. The relationship between myocardial infarction and life span is mainly related to its complication. Generally speaking If you do n’t worry about these complications. But to prevent chronic complications -heart failure. Generally speaking, the heart of myocardial infarction occurs. Due to some myocardial necrosis, the load of the remaining myocardial muscles will increase. Once a long time, it may cause heart failure. However Worried, rest assured!

Cardiopathy includes the following types
1. Expansion cardiomyopathy
2. Hypel -thick heart disease
Disadburial right ventricular cardiomyopathy
Qiu Shuyun: The expansion of myocardial disease is more concealed, and it is not easy to find in the early days. Some patients find that they may have myocardial disease during the physical examination. In fact, the onset of cardiomyopathy is not the same as age, but most of them are young and middle -aged. There is no special manifestation in the early stage of myocardial disease, and special symptoms can only occur during physical activity, such as fatigue. With the progress of the disease, some mild heart failure, such as cough, chest tightness, etc. During this period, some patients are not easy to find. Many people usually do not go to the doctor. Symptoms of heart failure, such as difficulty in breathing, do n’t lie down, do n’t lie down, always feel puffiness (chest and legs), prone to fatigue, etc. More than 80 % of patients with cardiomyopathy can be accompanied by arrhythmia, such as premature beats, atrial fibrillation, and conduction blocks. When the arrhythmia is severe, the patient can cause sudden death. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of myocardial disease are very important.
Wang Guizhen: The conventional treatment method of patients with myocardial disease can only be relieved, and a satisfactory treatment cannot be given. Therefore, we usually adopt a ductal diplomatic sensing neurological blocking technology for patients with middle and late stages. First of all, let’s take a look at the development of myocardial disease. Cardial failure is the main clinical manifestation of myocardial disease. If heart failure will stimulate the nerve endocrine system, and some substances will be released after activating the nerve endocrine. The continuous release of these substances will cause some damage to the body, including myocardial cell necrosis, arrhythmia, and aggravating heart failure. Therefore, on the regular basis, the release of this substance by blocking the sympathetic nerves that dominate the heart is used to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Host: How is the technical operation of the ductal diplomatic sensing nerve block?
Qiu Shuyun: The technical operation of the ductal diplomatic nerve block is not complicated, which can be completed in about ten minutes, and the technical difficulty is not particularly high. Looking at a video, the first local disinfection is performed. Usually it is in the intervertebral intervertebral acupuncture of the chest. After the needle is ends, a tube needsThis tube is sent to the position of the nerve that controls the heart. Through this catheter, the drug injection is regularly injected. The role of drug injection is to block the harmful substance of the cardiac sympathetic nerve to release this kind of harmful substance. The time of the catheter is determined according to the condition that mild patients generally need to be placed for about 30 days. Patients with heavy condition generally take longer.

Moderator: These drugs all act on the nerves and have side effects?
Qiu Shuyun: This drug has no side effects. More than 500 patients have used this technology clinically, and no side effects have been found so far. However, it should be noted that the operation process must be formal, and it must be carried out under the guidance of experienced anesthesia.

Moderator: Look at the situation of a patient. Patient: u0026 quot; I was discharged for a year and a half. When I was sick, I was 28 years old. I was pessimistic, my legs and faces were swollen, my stomach hurts, I want to vomit everything, I can’t wait to spit out the bile, and I even thought of death. Essence After going to the hospital for more than ten days, it gradually worked, and my mood improved a lot. Now I have been discharged more than a year, and I have the ability to work. u0026 quot;
Wang Guizhen: Let’s take a look at the patient’s comparison diagram before and after treatment. The proportion of the normal heart in the thoracic cavity is 50 %, and the patient reaches about 70 %. Patients have not only improved significantly after the treatment of internal medicine and epidural neural blockage, but the heart can be seen significantly from the film.

Moderator: Look at the situation of a patient with arrhythmia. Patient: u0026 quot; I am 63 years old this year. I have a history of arrhythmia for ten years. I feel tumbling every time I have a heart rate. I feel tired all day. God is the six gods. Symptoms have disappeared after treatment. u0026 quot;
Qiu Shuyun: The diagnosis of this patient is relatively clear. It belongs to dilated cardiomyopathy (mainly arrhythmia) but he took a lot of medicine, but atrial fibrillation has not disappeared. Last year, I received a soluble diplomatic sensing nerve block for treatment. Therefore, the hard membrane diplomatic sensing nerve block is not only better for heart failure, but also particularly effective for arrhythmia.
Wang Guizhen: In addition to conventional internal medicine and ductal diplomatic sensing nerve blockage, patients with myocardial disease also use some means of rehabilitation treatment. When treating myocardial disease, we do not advocate absolute bed. Absolutely lying on the muscle will have a series of adverse effects. If the respiratory muscle ability weakens, it will even cause pulmonary embolism over time. In addition, it also has an impact on the sports system and psychology. These changes can stimulate the heart to produce some side effects, aggravate cardiopathy, and form a vicious circle. In addition, long -term bed will increase blood viscosity and increase the possibility of thrombosis.

Moderator: Let’s watch a film of rehabilitation training. This is a patient with a level 4 level. She can’t get out of bed at all. There should be a rehabilitation doctor orFamily members help the activities. The activity limit is based on the uncomfortable feeling of patients’ uncomfortableness. It is 1-2 times a day, and the activity time is generally 5-10 minutes. If the patient will have a sense of fatigue, it will add gravy.
Wang Guizhen: Patients with myocardial disease should attract attention in diet. Do not eat greasy foods for eating light diet. And try not to eat as much as possible, we advocate eating less and more meals. In addition, patients with cardiomyopathy, especially when heart failure, must strictly control the intake of salt. If the salt intake is too much, the symptoms of edema will be aggravated.

Host: How to prevent myocardial disease?
Wang Guizhen: The cause of myocardial disease is not very clear, but there are still some susceptible factors such as patients should prevent infection, including respiratory tract and intestinal infections. In addition, patients who have gained myocarditis in the past should conduct regular review for early discovery. Nutrition must be balanced, and the lack of some trace elements may cause myocardial disease. In addition, cancer patients take anti -tumor drugs or some patients with psychiatric patients use some antidepressant drugs. Long -term acting on the heart can have toxic and side effects on myocardial muscles. Therefore, patients who take these drugs for a long time should go to the hospital for examination once the corresponding symptoms occur. Another thing is that myocardial disease has a certain relationship with genetic factors, so people with family history should conduct regular inspections.

Moderator: Ms. Zhang, Guangxi, at the age of 62, I have suffered from wind disease for more than 20 years. Now I have symptoms such as dyspnea and bloating. Can I use this method to treat it?
Wang Guizhen: The key to patients with wind disease is the valve lesion of the heart. This disease requires surgery to be cured. If the patient has lost the opportunity to surgery, you can take the method mentioned earlier for treatment, which can improve heart failure to improve heart failure. Essence

Moderator: Ms. Anhui 32 years old I have a heart when I have a child in 1998. Now I have a serious condition. Intersection
Qiu Shuyun: These symptoms are all symptoms of heart failure, but there are also the following possibilities 1. Whether there were myocarditis in the past without completely cure. 2. Conditional disease during perinatal. Considering treatment can be considered for treatment.

Moderator: Mr. Dalian is 40 years old. I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy a year ago. Currently, drug treatment is used. I want to know how much time does it take to use epidural stagnation treatment? how much is the cost?
Wang Guizhen: First of all, the type of myocardial disease of the patient should be diagnosed. The time required according to different symptoms is also different, but the entire treatment time is at least one month. The cost of pure myocardial disease is about 7,000 yuan.

Moderator: Mr. Changchun Wang’s 52 -year -old son was 20 years old. He found that his heart was large during physical examinations three years ago, but at present he has no feeling for running and taking physical education classes. Does this feeling need treatment?
Wang Guizhen: Patients should conduct regular heart examination. andAnd first of all, the cause of the heart is the cause of the heart. Once diagnosed with myocardial disease, it is recommended that patients with early treatment.

Moderator: Ms. Hu, Nanjing, was 50 years old. I had two brackets because of coronary heart disease last year. Recently, angina pectoris and heart failure symptoms have appeared. Can I use blocked treatment for treatment?
Qiu Shuyun: If the patient is not good after finishing the bracket, and the medication is not relieved, it is recommended to use this method for treatment.Coronary heart disease and angina pectoris can be treated with epidural stagnation
3. Get myocardial infarction bracket, how long can it live
After the brakes of myocardial infarction can live, they can live with their postoperative life.The quality of quality, whether to take drugs on time, and re -consultation on time have a lot to do.After stent, daily life should be taken strictly to maintain treatment, and the drugs of anti -platelet dramas such as Aspirin insist on taking medicine. Pay attention to your daily diet, prohibit food with excessive oil, observe blood pressure, and control blood pressure in a stable range!Be careful not to be too high in blood lipids, you can take lipid -lowering drugs

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