How to check how stomach bleeding

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To talk about this stomach bleeding, this is a big event. If you feel your own stomach bleeding, you need to check it. Let’s see how your stomach bleak is checked? How to condition for stomach bleeding?

1, the test inspection

When acute digestion, the focus should include blood routine, blood type, dosing time, stool Or vomiting vital blood test liver function and blood creatinine, urea nitrogen, etc.
2, special inspection method

(1) endoscopy inspects that gastroscope is directly observed, that is, it can be determined, and can be treated according to the condition of the lesion. Making a fiber gastroscope examination has the following: 1 The best time for gastroscopy is carried out 24 to 48 hours after hemorrhage. 2 patients in blood loss shock should first add blood volume, and it is safe to make gastroscopy after treatment with blood pressure. 3 Never have to wash the stomach in advance, but if the bleeding is too much, it is estimated that when the blood clots affect the observation, it can be checked with ice water.
(2) Selective arterial angiography In some special cases, such as the patient in the upper digestive tract continues to seriously suffer from a large number of bleeding emergencies, so that gastroscopy cannot be safely or can’t judge the bleeding due to blood circulation Cooked, this time selective intestinal artery angiography may detect bleeding sites and embolic treatment.
(3) X-ray barrels are immersive because some intestinal anatomy cannot be infined, and sometimes leak lesions, which can be remedied by X-ray barriers. However, it is not advisable to carry out bleeding in the event of active bleeding, otherwise it will cause re-bleeding or aggravation of bleeding due to pressing the abdomen. Generally advocates cautious operation in the stop of bleeding, and the condition is stable after 3 days. Arterial angiography and endoscopic examination.
(4) Radioactivity Scanning the negative cases of the inner mirror and X-ray inspection, can be scanned by radionuclide. The method is to use a nuclide (e.g., 99m 锝) to mark the patient’s red blood cells, then inject the patient from intravenous injection, when there is active bleeding, the bleeding speed can reach 0.1 mL / min, the nucleation can show the bleeding site.

How to regulate gastric bleeding:

1. Patients with gastric bleeding must adhere to medication, at least one course of medication, and then review. Diagnosis can stop the drug after healing. Patients with bleeding can not stop the drug. Take Reniti as an example, a course of treatment is 4-8 weeks, 1 capsule is 1 (0. 15 grams). After completing a course of treatment, take 1 capsule daily, maintaining half a year – 1 year, reviewing the gastroke. Many stomach bleeding patients took a certain amount of control, and the condition was stopped, which was wrong. Drugs can help ulcers heale, unauthorized stopping drugs can cause ulcers to repeat, and it is very disadvantageous. Therefore, patients with gastric bleeding should insist on dual conditioning of drugs and diet. 2,Rossify tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol will increase the symptoms of stomach bleeding, as a patient with stomach disease, must quit these two things. Can effectively control the condition. Senior Nutrition Reminder: Smoking can lead to pylorial sphincters, leading to bile reverse flow into the stomach, high concentration of biliary salt will cause serious damage to the gastric mucosa, so that the ulcer is difficult to heal, aggravate the symptoms of gastric bleeding. Therefore, patients with gastric disease should be actively quit smoking. Drinking, especially a relatively high degree of replacement causes lipid dissolution on the gastric mucosa, destroys the protective barrier of the stomach, which will not only affect the healing of ulcers, but also the main cause of gastric bleeding. Therefore, even if it is discharged, patients with gastric bleeding should also avoid alcohol.
3, when the diet is timed, quantitative, set meals, can’t be full, hunger. Patients with gastric bleeding were exported to the hospital, and after the condition was stable, it can be excessive to function and appropriately increase the type of food. But pay attention to not eating rough, peony, sour food, such as shoots, vinegar, bayberry, pepper, coffee, etc. These foods are not conducive to digestion and will increase the stomach burden.

About the inspection method and conditioning method of the stomach bleeding are introduced here, but also don’t hurry to care about your stomach.

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