How to choose bananas to buy banana four steps

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Bananas are a common tropical and subtropical fruits, which are loved by everyone.Our country is one of the ancient banana cultivation countries in the world. It is now mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan and other places.So how to choose bananas?

How to choose bananas:

1. Observation: The skin color is bright yellow and bright, and the ends with green are mature and moderate fruit.; The peel is full of fruit; the peel becomes black as a cooked fruit.

2. Pinch: Use two fingers to gently pinch the fruit body, which is elastic for mature and moderate fruit; the hard -to -peeled fruit;Cooked fruit.

3. Taste: The entrance is soft and glutinous, sweet and fragrant is mature and moderate fruit; the meat is hard and lacks sweet fragrance.Overcussion.

4. Look at the banana handle: When the banana handle is about to fall off, or when it has fallen off, it may have matured for a long time.

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