How to exercise in lumbar spondylosis

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1. People who have highlighted lumbar disc herniation, how do you need to exercise?
Adopt bridge motion. On the bed, five o’clock (five points refer to the head, the elbow, there is a bipple and follow the waist, so that the waist is lifted off the bed, until it feels tired, put down the waist. Second, Xiaoyanfei movement. Head, double upper limbs, double lower limbs lift from the bed, it can exercise the function of the back muscle.
2, people with lumbar disc herniation, how to exercise for usually suitable?
The lumbar disc herniation is mainly due to the lumbar spine skeleton, and the usual exercise can be exercised in a yoga posture such as walking and Xiao Yanfei, and there is a good exercise for lumbar disc herniation.

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Exercise in patients with lumbar disc herniation is mainly to exercise the waist back muscle strength, and this exercise of such waist and back muscle is often do not exercise in weight. For example, squatting Xiaofei flying on the bed, or flattening, or swimming in the pool. Everyone’s practice strength and time are different, to perform step-by-step exercise according to their own situation.

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Try to choose a more moderate way. For example, jogging. It is very small for the burden of the body, and it is not easy to damage the muscles.
3, how to exercise correctly and exercise properly
Keeping a posture for a long time, there will be a problem and your problem has been lesser, then I suggest you, what is the meaning of the anti-posture, often, the head is low, then the anti-posture is the head to back, waist forward Bow, then the anti-posture is that the waist is old, often do, don’t do it too long every time, and every level is light, don’t make the nervous spine more tense.

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Lumbar spondylosis? ? ? So? If it is a lumbar disc herniation, it can practice and go back and pull the horizontal bar.
4, what are the daily exercise methods of lumbar spondylosis?
1, slam the waist. Take the station, the two legs are slightly separated, and the left and right hands are half-box, and the lumbar disc herniation is hit by the turn. Do 50 times, strength can be tolerated.

2, the two legs are set together, so that the waist, the hips are arched, squeezed until the limit, and then recovered. This is repeated 15 times.

3, sitting in the waist is straight, the chair must have a hard back. Chair legs mensse with the patient’s knees to the height of the error. At the time of sitting, the knee is slightly higher than the hip. If the chair is too high, a pedal can be taken in the foot.

4, lumbar disc herniation patients should sleep more hard mattress, lying on the bedQu, all relax, the waist naturally falls in bed. When the side is sleeple, the upper leg is naturally placed on the pillow.

5, change from the lying position to the lipping position, the double upper limbs are supported, the waist is stretched, the body is slowly moved to the bedside, one side of the lower limbs first, then the other lower limbs are removed, hand-held .

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Combined with Kang Ke Biki dollars, summarizing the daily exercise methods of lumbar spondylosis as follows:
(1) Reading books on cervical spondylosis, mastering the treatment of scientific means to prevent disease.
(2) Maintain optimism, establish the idea of u200bu200bfighting hard and resistance, with doctors treatment, and reduce recurrence.
(3) Strengthening the exercise of the neck shoulders, when the construction or deposit, the front and double upper limbs, the reanole and rotation movement can be relieved, and the muscles can be achieved, and the toughness is enhanced, thereby facilitating The stability of the spine of the neck, enhances the ability to suddenly change the neck shoulder
(4) Avoid adverse habits of high-pillow sleep, high pillow, increase the stress of the cervical vertebrae, and accelerate the possible cervical fracture.
(5) Pay attention to keep warm to the shoulders, avoid the head and neck weight, avoid excessive fatigue, do not doze off when the car is taken.
(6) Early, thoroughly treat the neck shoulder, back soft organization, prevent it from developing into cervical spondylosis.
(7) It is necessary to prevent flash, contusion when working or walking.
(8) Workers of long-term volts, should change the head position, and do the muscles of the muscles of the shoulders on time.
(9) Pay attention to the posture of the head, neck, shoulder, back, do not migrate shrug, conversation, and watch the book. To keep the spine upright.
(10) Chinese medicine believes that walnuts, hawthorn meat, spring, black sesame, etc. have the function of supplementing kidneys, and a small amount of taking a strong bones can be used to delay the role of renal and joint degeneration.

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Three frequently,
(1) Frequent twisted waist movements (2) Cycling (3) often double hands on the horizontal bar.
Two do not
(1) Don’t sit often (2) Don’t stand often

In this case, this situation often needs to do proper functional exercise. Such as falling, flying flying features. This situation needs to be insisted. Temperature in the disease often requires bed rest.

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