How to improve the spleen deficiency

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1, how to adjust the spleen deficiency moisture?
3 methods teach you to remove moisture in the body
The first trick: The more lazy and more
Most people in the body of humidity are all people who are greasy, lack of sports. These people often feel heavy, and they are unhappy, but the more you don’t like sports. The more moisture in the body, the more long time, it will cause moisture to attack the spleen, trigger a series of conditions.
Motion can relieve the pressure to promote body organs, and accelerate moisture excretion. Running, heating, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.
2nd trick: Diet is light
The gastrointestinal system is related to nutrition and moisture metabolism, the best way is the right amount, balanced diet. Wine, milk, fatty taste and other greasy foods are not easy to digest, which is easy to cause stomach bloating and inflammation. Sweet oil frying will cause the body to produce peroxides and aggravate inflammatory responses.
Cry cold food, ice products or cold fruits and vegetables will make gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, should not be eaten often, such as lettuce, salad, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, etc., it is best to add onions, ginger, lower vegetables when cooking. nature. Combined with Chinese medicine conditioning, wet grass tea.
3rd strokes: environment to avoid moisture
There is a large part of the environment in our human body, except for your own metabolism. Often in a humid, cold environment, it is easy to cause moisture intrudes.

Frequent exercise. Sports are a very good health method, people who often move, not only in spirit, emotions, etc., but also very beneficial to the health of the spleen. In real life, we have found humid people, generally lack sports. Less exercise is small, which will make a lot of moisture in the body to accumulate in the body, and cannot be excreted by sweat. Therefore, it is usually strengthened, accelerates the operation of human cells, and promotes more moisture more exclusions. It is also possible to use 鏛緭 宝 温 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能 功能

On the choice of motion mode, you can select swimming, play Tai Chi, jogging, walking or skipping, to speed up the blood circulation of the human body, promote moisture metabolism, and effectively remove moisture. It is worth noting that try not to exercise at night, because the temperature is lowered in the evening, the pores will be expanded after exercise, easily let moisture and cold enter the human body, thus plus moisture.

Drink more glutinous rice red bean soup. It is also a very good way to promote humidity through diet. In all dampness methods, red beans and glutinous rice effects are very good. Coix seed, Chinese medicine is called “coix seed”, there is a good effect of torment, lifting stomach, and water and swelling, long-term spleen and nostalgia, and lighter. Red beans is a common food, also a medicinal material, is an indispensable thing in spleen food. Chinese medicine believes that red beans have heat dissipation, dry and wet, thoughts, spleen, health, etc.

Maintain good emotions. Optimistic positive attitude towards the bodyHealth is very important, if the human body resistance is improved. Good mood is high, the digestive function of the spleen and stomach will increase, and it is also helpful for the moisture in the body.

In addition, people in vitro, in addition to the above methods, but also controlling bad diet, and eat less fever. Fertilizers are a Chinese medicine noun, which refers to food that tastes too heavy, too fat and oil. Chinese medicine believes that fatty food will increase moisture accumulation in the body, and it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach of the human body, affecting the removal of moisture, thus aggressing the accumulation of moisture. Therefore, the usual diet should be light, which can not only remove moisture, but also raise the spleen and stomach, prevent the body’s moisture from overweight.

The season is very hot, but some people are too moist in humid, it will make people feel sleepy, the body is heavy, no appetite, cold hands and feet, the skin is ramp, the face is brutally uncomfortable, even the phenomenon of intestinal inflammation, oral symptoms Obvious, white tongue is thick
Hu Weiqin pointed out: the spleen deficiency is not to eat, the Chinese should eat with grain mixed grains, and now it is based on the meat. Many people think that it is very losing, for a long time, hurting the spleen and stomach, the spleen is transported Wet, spleen is injured, and water is not fully transported, it is accumulated in the body. Therefore, the stool is not formed means spleen deficiency, which means that there is moisture in the body.
The spleen is characterized by joys, afraid of wet turbid. When the moisture gas violates the human body, it will affect the spleen and stomach digestive function. People are prone to symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc. In the spleen and wet, maintain the spleen yang. The main point of care for spleen is to avoid overgrown, including air conditioning, excessive cold drinks.
Spleen and dampness therapy – glutinous rice red bean soup
Hu Weiqin introduces, glutinous rice, red beans are good ingredients for removing moisture in vivo. Coosite can cure humidity, licking the stomach, water and swollen, spleen and stomach, long-standing tightness. Red beans is also known as “red beans”, which is beneficial to swollen and spleen and stomach. In the summer, bowls of rice red bean soup, can play a role in spleen, dampness, and nourishing.
The specific practice is: Take the equal amount of glutinous rice and red beans, soak the red beans for three or four hours, then boil with glutinous rice, the top of the upper layer is drinking, the lower granular particles are eaten. Be careful not to enhance rice, because rice is wet, and the remaining glutinous rice red bean grains will be added to Xiaomi.
Adults, Hu Weiqin is recommended to usually be used frequently, especially the stomach. Gently abuse instead of 揉

There are two things to remove moisture: First, row, second, avoid moisture production
The reasonable rhinetic recipe is to help the human body discharge moisture smoothly.
This requires food that helps dehumidify detoxification diuretic food
Recommended food:
Red beans (red beans effect more), glutinous rice, pepper, garlic, chestnut, corn, melon,
Mung bean, sweet potato, yam (Huaishan), red dates, lentils, honey, pumpkin, 苓, 莜 wheatRecommended dishes:
Red bean glutinous rice porridge (soup), 山 药 (soup), honey mammeal (soup)
Winter melon corn rib soup, green bean soup, squid soup, chrysanthemum tea, loofah salted egg soup
Wet gas in addition to physical factors, more and living living environment, daily dietary habits
You can try a simple way, that is, drink Dehua Tea every day, spleen and stomach, let you stay away from spleen deficiency.
2, what should I do if my spleen deficiency is humid?
Where the diet is not good, it can affect the function of the stomach, and the digestive function is weakened after the gastric disease. Therefore, the diet must be quantified on time, less eaten, and eat slowly when eating. , Eat clearly digestible food, the stomach is awesome, and the alcohol, greasy food can heat and heat, and is unfavorable to the stomach.
Spleen deficiency is a Chinese medicine noun, refers to the pathological phenomenon of menstrual weakness. The spleen has a nutrients and released water solutions in the food, and the blood and the like. Spleen deficiency is caused by disorders, and nutrients can occur, raw humidity or blood loss occurs.
Chinese medicine experts pointed out that spleen deficiency first is related to the diet, there is no rule of eating, and it is possible to cause spleen deficiency. You can use traditional Chinese medicine to nourish the two bags of stomach, and there will be improved in 1-2 cycles. It is not easy to recurrence after conditioning. In addition, too much to eat cold, cold or fatty, difficult food (such as greasy food, sweet, etc.), is also easy to hurt the spleen. Therefore, there is an adult in love when you sleep, there must be regular diet, you should eat more spleen food, such as glutinous rice, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, truth, yam, lentils, soybeans, carrots, mushrooms, jujube, chestnuts, or use Chen Pepper water is drinking.
Usually pay attention to maintenance is also important, such as proper exercise, diet is nutrition (medicine is not as good as food, diet is very particular), and feel comfortable. Don’t ask for fast, but the requirement is stable, and the speed is not reached.

The pharmacy has a medium medicine in the treatment of spleen deficiency, usually eat less moist and heavy food. It is best to find a Chinese doctor to see, adjust it, pay more attention to diet, often brown tea. Strengthen exercise can be.


3. How should spleen deficiency and moisture weight?
You can eat more spleen noodles, such as milk, eight porridge, black bean dragon eye red dates, silver porridge, etc., you can also take spleen and damp Chinese medicine to regulate, usually avoid eating spicy, cold and other irritation Food, and do your body’s warm work, drink plenty of hot water, multi-purpose hot water soaked feet.

Pay attention to more food, glutinous rice, 苓, yam, can spleen and damp. In addition, you can also strengthen your movement, help the persrester, so moisture can also be excreted by the sweat. Special Chinese medicine syndrome can be requested if necessary.

I believe that you should go to a regular hospital to check, wait until you ask a doctor, he will tell you, give you a symptom of the test results.The next medicine, adjust it, you will get it.

With the spleen deficiency, it can be used with Ai Yappus, and the Ai Yappus feet will help promote blood circulation, and you can raise moisture and cold in the body, you can play a good condition for spleen and stomach. In the case of spleen deficiency, you can drink some red bean glutinous rice water. The effect of dehumidification is very good, but if it is a cold and humidity, then it cannot be taken.

In the case of spleen deficiency, it should be more exercise, and the exercise helps to promote blood circulation, can put out toxins and garbage in the body, enhance the spleen and stomach function, thus improving physical fitness. Everyday diet can eat more spleen noodles, such as sweet potato, yam, monkey head mushrooms, etc., often eat some not only can discharge moisture, but also help to adjust spleen deficiency. In the case of serious spleen deficiency, it will have a big impact on physical health. At this time, it should be adjusted, keep a relaxing and pleasant mood, can help improve spleen deficiency. Frequently massage in Yongquan and Zusanli, which can promote blood operation, thus improving spleen deficiency.
4, how to adjust what diet is spleen and humidity?
If the body has a spleen and stomach weak, you can use the spleen and moisture drug to treat, for example, you can properly add some spleen diet, such as yam, angelica, party ginseng, red bean glutinous rice porridge.


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