How to treat the lungs with 2mm sub -nodules

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1. What is the reason for the troops in the lungs? How can I treat it?
Condition analysis: Lung nodule disease is a non -cheese -skinned chronic granuloma disease with unknown causes and multiple organs and multiple organs. The lesions can automatically absorb or progress into fibrosis. More than 90 % of the breasts are invading bilateral pulmonary lymph nodes and lungs. Suggestions: Generally speaking, if the physical examination is found to have white spots or spots -like calcification shadows or the physical examination report, “the lungs have shadows (small nodules)”, etc., then in order to determine the nature of the nodule, it is a benign nodule or a benign nodule or It is a cancer nodule, a tuberculosis nodule or other nodules. It is best to do the chest CT or fibrous bronchial mirror for further examination. Nodule stoves are generally not easy to qualitative, so it is necessary to comprehensively judge the nature of the lesion in combination with the medical history to conduct regular review. If a long period of review, the nodule stove has not changed or smaller or even disappears, it means that the patient is fine; but if the retrial finds that the lesion becomes larger, especially in the short term It is recommended to check regularly in time.

I don’t know about the number of nodules, distribution, size, shape, edge, and internal density? Please believe in the description for analysis.
It may be inflammatory pseudoma, metastasis, millet tuberculosis, and so on.
It is recommended that CT enhanced scanning to help diagnosis.

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