Is cervical erosion more than three degrees?

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1. Whether cervical erosion is particularly serious? How to treat
The treatment of cervical erosion is mainly local treatment. Among them, physical therapy is the most commonly used. The scales -shaped epithelial coverage, physical therapy is not only safe, efficient, simple and painful. However, because there are many ways of physical therapy, the specific treatment methods require doctors to depend on clinical symptoms and examination results.

Hello, you say this situation. I suggest that your best way is to treat laser surgery. Normally, what is said. The effects are very good. Because you are now a three -degree cervical erosion. The conservative treatment effect is not very good. Pay attention to personal hygiene, can recover well. Don’t be too nervous.

You can see it after three times, you will go to cervical cancer again. Cervical cancer is removed in the early stage of the cervix, and the uterus must be removed in the middle stage. Chemotherapy.
For three degrees, the hospital is generally recommended for surgery, expensive and recurrence, and there is also a method of not injection or medicine …

Treatment is mainly local treatment. Among them, physical therapy is the most commonly used. Its treatment principle is to use various physical methods to make erosion necrosis and fall off, covering the neonatal scale -like epithelium. Physical therapy is not only safe, efficient, simple and painless. However, because there are many physical treatment methods, the doctors need to be determined according to clinical symptoms and examination results.
2. Is the three degrees of cervical erosion the most serious?
Three degrees are serious. Suggestion:
The effect of plugging the lower body with New Jieer’s ingredients is quite good.

Cervical erosion is a relatively common gynecological disease. If divided according to the condition, three degrees are severe , So the landlord is best to treat it quickly. Generally, the treatment of cervical erosion is the first choice of drug treatment to avoid the damage caused by physical governance. Especially for women who are not born, it should be cautious. It is recommended that you use Lindy to eliminate inflammatory pills. Pure traditional Chinese medicine preparations have no side effects.
3. Isn’t cervical erosion strict three degrees?
Hello, I am the director of Jinhua Ren Love Gynecological Pond. Three times is a large degree of erosion. Patients with mild cervical erosion can take local drugs such as local application, vaginal drugs, and upper vaginal suppository. Patients with medium and severe cervical erosion should obey the opinions of doctors and choose better treatment methods such as laser, red light, microwave, leep, so that they can eradicate the disease as soon as possible. As long as treatment science is completely cured. Red light treatment has no effect on fertility.
4. Is cervical erosion serious?
Cervical erosion is a very common chronic cervical inflammation. Some patients have raised such questions: Will the whole cervix rot if it is not treated if cervical erosion is not treated? In fact, the palaceCervical erosion is not a real erosion.It is due to chronic cervical inflammation, the inflammation of the deep tissue of the cervix tissue is not easy to be eliminated, and the squamous epithelium on the surface of the cervical surface falls off due to nutritional disorders.cover.Because the cylindrical epithelium is very thin, the blood vessels below and the red interstitial can be seen, making the erosion surface red, which has a clear limit with the surrounding normal squamous epithelium.
The area of the clinic from the erosion surface is divided into light, medium, and heavy three degrees.The performance of cervical erosion can be divided into three types: simple erosion is more common in the early stages of inflammation. The erosion surface is covered by single -layer cylindrical epithelium, and the epidermis is relatively smooth and smooth;The erosion surface is uneven, and the appearance is granular, which is granular erosion; if the glands of the epithelium and the hyperplasia are significant, the unevenness is more obvious, and it is nipple -shaped, which is nipple -shaped erosion.These three types can exist alone or coexist in staggered.

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