Is the beauty instrument really useful? Is it harm to the teeth?

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Dental, people grow to a mouth is used to speak, and when you talk, you still have to reveal your teeth, your teeth are confident, let’s take a look at the beautiful toothier is really useful? Do you harm your teeth:

Do you really use it?

1, whitening teeth effect

The teeth technology treatment of teeth is a comprehensive high-tech whitening material, and then performing cold light irradiation. The teeth whitening effect can be depends on its original teeth, and will eventually have a white teeth.

2, the beautiful tooth effect is longer

After the cold light whitening treatment, the maintenance time of the teeth is generally in two years, but it is also slightly different from individual eating habits and dental structures.

3, safe and convenient

Cold glass whitening teeth technology is very safe, using low temperature cooling, avoiding the neurological discomfort during treatment. There is no more painful feeling, hydrophilic drugs and whitening processes that do not contact the gums, will not cause any damage to teeth and enamel.

4, suitable crowd

About the dyeing of teeth, such as coffee, soy sauce, tea, etc. The color changing teeth caused by other factors increase the brightness of the teeth.

Does the beauty have harmful to teeth:

The beauty is basically no big damage, because the cold light teeth whitening makes the teeth back to the unstolded white. The main components of whitening whitening whitening agents used by whitening teeth are hydrogen peroxide, and it has been used for several decades in teeth. During the whitening process of hydrophilic drugs and completely do not contact the gum, there is no harm to the tooth structure and enamel. After whitening teeth, it is also more glossy than other similar products.

The beauty instrument is indeed whitewashing, and it is still small to the teeth, if your teeth are not good, then come and try this beautiful denture.

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