Is the lower leaf leaf 3mm somed in the nodules serious?

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1. Small leaf leaf nodules in the right lung, about 3 mm in diameter, and clear boundaries. Need to deal with it? Thank you!
Hello, because the volume of the nodules in the lungs is too small and has no characteristic, it is often difficult to determine. Most of them are judged by regular review. Most of the nodules are fibrous stoves or inflammatory nodules, and may be the early lesions of tumors, but things like you should be benign. Pay attention to review in the future.

What should I do if there are nodules in the lungs?
Lung nodules are a very common symptom of lung. In today’s life, lung nodules have become the heart disease of many people, and the prevalence of pulmonary nodules has also increased year by year. Now that there are so many people with lung nodules, mainly because the number of people who actively perform physical examination screening, and now the resolution of the instrument to detect the pulmonary nodules has also increased, and the number of people in the lung nodules is well understood. What should I do after discovering that my lungs have nodules? Is there a danger of three millimeters of lung nodules? Next, I would like to ask Tong Xiaoping, deputy chief physician of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to answer related questions.

What should I do if there are nodules in the lungs?

Patients with nodules in the lungs should seek medical treatment in time. First of all, you don’t have to panic, but you cannot ignore the condition. It is recommended to go to the respiratory or thoracic surgery of the specialist hospital as soon as possible. The specialist will determine the inspection method and treatment plan according to the nodule form, size, and change trend. If necessary, you can adopt cortex lung biopsy or sputum bacterial examination to further clarify the nature of nodules and determine the treatment plan.

Is the 3mm lung nodule dangerous?

Whether the 3mm lung nodule is dangerous depends on the changes and risk factors of the condition. The nodules below 3mm are tiny nodules. Patients who find that tiny nodules do not have to panic. Regular reviews and tracking nodules can effectively control the condition. For patients with multiple risk factors, such as smokers, those who are over 40 years old, and those who have a family tumor history, they need to pay attention and follow up.

If the patient finds that his lung nodule grows bigger, there is no need to panic, you only need to do surgical resection. The current lung nodule surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. The impact on the lung function after surgery is relatively small. Generally speaking, it can work and study normally three months after surgery. Depending on the position and size of the nodules, the lung nodule surgery is divided into pulmonary lobe resection, pulmonary section resection, sub -segment resection, wedge resection, and so on. Some patients will find that the pathology of the lung nodules is in situ or micro -infiltration of cancer after surgery, which is not worried. The in situ cancer and micro -infiltrated cancer in the development of the lung nodule are very high, which will basically not affect the normal survival of the patient.

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