Is the lung nodule 16 mm serious?

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1. About 13 × 16 mm borders in the lung nodule stove are clear. The longitudinal lymph nodes show that in the past
tuberculosis is a disease caused by tuberculosis infection. It can be seen that cough, sputum and even hemoptysis. The main ingredients of peanuts are oil and fat, which generally have little impact on the drug, but it is best not to drink wine. After all, the main ingredient of wine is ethanol, which may affect the efficacy with some drugs. Not much benefit.

Usually diet should be light and rich in protein, because tuberculosis is a consumed disease, which can be appropriately supplemented with nutrition. Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Can exercise appropriately.
2. Is the lung nodule 18mmx18mm serious?
You mean that the nodule has increased significantly within half a year, right?
It is necessary to be highly doubtful. It is recommended to do a biopsy under CT guidance to clarify the nature of the lesion, because it is relatively small, and actively treat it.
In this way, if it is a malignant lesion, the survival rate will be higher.
3. How big will the node nodules grow more dangerous? What should I pay attention to?
The lung nodule refers to a spherical lesion with a lungs below 3 cm. With the widespread application of chest CT in physical examinations, the detection rate of lung nodules is getting higher and higher. It is also found that many people have lung nodules, and they are scared without any discomfort. They are afraid that they are lung cancer on the Internet, so it is very dangerous to grow up.

The nodules are divided into solid nodules and grinding glass nodules

The pulmonary nodules can be divided into different types according to different density, with high density. The chest CT manifests as white dots called solid nodules. The density of the froster glass nodules is mild, like Harwater vapor on the glass. The treatment of these two nodules is not particularly the same. Relatively speaking, the mixing nodules of the glass nodules or internal solidity are different from the froster glass. Flade glass nodules, especially pure hair glass nodules, are often malignant.

The risk of tuberculosis is more important from its change

Generally speaking, no matter how large the nodules are, it does not matter as long as it does not change. Of course, a larger nodule is more likely to change in a short time, and smaller nodules are unlikely to increase in a short time. Whether it is grinding glass nodules or solid nodules, if the diameter changes are found during the review process, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, and surgical resection if necessary.

Generally speaking, don’t worry too much below 6 mm.

Generally, the nodules below 6mm are more benign. Some people say that malignant tumors grow from 1mm little by little. There is a probability problem here. Generally speaking, benign lesions are small and relatively stable, mostly below 6mm, so there are greater opportunities to be discovered when they are very young, and malignant tumors, especially lung cancer with high degree of malignant, grow rapidly, so it is easy Discovered at a large stage. The nodules below 6mm can be followed up closely at the first discovery, and the interval can gradually be extended. IfUnchanged, it can be extended to once a year.

Nodules with a diameter of 1 cm or more should be further inspected

Nodules with a diameter of more than 1cm are more vicious than nodules with less than 8mm. You need to go to the hospital for examination. Why not check at 8 mm? On the one hand, because the nodules are too small, the internal nature and cell activity are not obviously different from the surrounding cells. Non -invasive examinations such as PETCT cannot be distinguished. On the other hand, because the nodules are too small, the specimen cannot be obtained accurately after the tumor invasive examination of bronchial mirrors and lung puncture and lung puncture. So in most cases, only the nodules exceed 1cm, which does not mean that nodules less than 1cm can be ignored. Generally speaking, nodules greater than 6 mm less than 1 cm can be followed closely or surgical resection when expanding. There is no other way to effectively distinguish the nature of tuberculosis.

What is the cure rate after nodule surgery? The lung nodule, especially the nodule with less than 1cm, is very high, close to 100%. In most cases, chemotherapy does not require chemotherapy even after surgical resection. The cure rate of the nodule decreases with the increase of the nodules. The cure rate greater than 3cm will be reduced to less than 30%, and most of the postoperative chemotherapy is required.

Health is very important for each of us. Having a healthy body is the prerequisite for our better learning and work, but sometimes the human body’s body There will be some abnormal phenomena in the body. For example, the condition of the lung nodule, many people will have such a question, that is, how big it is when the node nodules grow to it? What should I pay attention to? For this issue, if it is more than equal to 1.5 cm, it is more dangerous. Usually, be careful not to smoke or keep the home clean and hygiene. Let’s explain it in detail below.

We all know that lung nodule is a more dangerous condition. If it is not treated in time, it will worsen and worse Normal breathing. In fact, in real life, we rarely hear this word. The lung nodules occur in the lungs of the human body, because the lungs are the organ of our human body and the outside world, and it is one of the important organs that maintain the normal operation of the human body.

For this issue, we should pay attention to a few points in life. First of all, we should try not to smoke. We all know that cigarettes contain a large amount If you are interested in smoking addiction, there will be smoke addiction after a long time. Various harmful qi in cigarettes will be harmful to our lungs and teeth and its serious hazards, so we try not to smoke.

Followed by keeping clean and hygiene in your family in life, home is our harbor, where we live every day, maintain clean hygiene, and keep clean hygiene.It can provide us with a clean breathing environment, which has a good effect on our lungs. Finally, it is to develop good eating habits. Try to follow the principles of vegetarian combination as much as possible in diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement the necessary vitamins and moisture to the body every day. The practical method hopes to help everyone.

Speaking of lung nodules, maybe many people do not know the term. In fact, sarcoidosis is a multi -system and multi -organ granuloma with unknown causes Sexual diseases often invade the lung and bilateral pulmonary lymph nodes, eyes, skin and other organs, and their chest invasion is as high as 80%to 90%. According to the study, the lung nodules are in a world distribution, and the incidence of European and American families is high. The ethnic groups are rare, which is more common in 20 to 40 years old. Generally speaking, the lung nodules are divided into solid nodules and grinding glass nodules. The former has a high density. It realizes the white dot on the chest CT and is called a solid nodule. The latter is lighter. The treatment of the two nodules is not the same. Relatively speaking, the glass nodules or internal reality are accompanied by a mixed nodule with grinding glass. Tend your tendency to vicious.

In fact, the risk of pulmonary nodules is not as big as it, but its change trend. Under normal circumstances, for a lung nodule, as long as it does not change, it is safe, but once the size of the lung nodules changes, it will cause high attention.

From the clinical data point of view, when the size of the lung nodule is below 6mm, it is generally more preferred. Of course, some people have questioned that malignant tumors are also a little longer from 1mm little by little. stand up. In fact, it also involves a probability problem. Generally speaking, the benign lesions are small and relatively stable, and most of them stop below 6mm. The higher lung cancer grows fast, so it is easily discovered at a large stage.

It is worth noting that for nodules with a diameter of more than 1cm, the possibility of viciousness is much greater than a nodule below 6mm, so you need to go to the hospital for examination. So, why not check at 6mm? The reason why this is the reason is that the first is because the nodules are too small at this time, and the internal properties and cell activity are not significantly distinguished from the surrounding cells. Non -invasive examinations, such as PETCT, cannot distinguish it. Come out; the second is because the nodules are too small, and the diagnosis of tumors such as bronchoscopy and lung puncture has a creative examination and cannot be accurately obtained. Therefore, in most cases, only when the nodule exceeds 1cm It represents a nodule smaller than 1cmWithout attention, generally speaking, more than 6mm and less than 1cm nodules are either followed closely, or surgical resection when increasing. There is no other method to effectively distinguish the nature of the nodule.

For lung nodules, most of them are benign and do not need to perform surgery. Of course, the cure rate of surgery is also very high for lung nodules smaller than 1cm, which can basically be possible.It reaches 100 %, but when the size of the lung nodules is greater than 3cm, its cure rate will drop to 31 %, and a large part of the need for chemotherapy.

The widow nodular is relatively dangerous to grow greater than 1.5 cm or equal to 1.5 cm.Usually, be careful not to smoke or keep the home clean, because the lungs are the organs of our breathing.
4. Is the lung nodule 10mm serious?Is it good to cough?
The lung nodule cannot be completely judged as the cause, and it is necessary to combine clinical symptoms. If necessary, it can be judged by pathological slices to determine its pathological nature.If it is a 10mm nodule to attract enough attention and review regularly.

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