Is there any conservative treatment for myocardial infarction

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1. Is the myocardial infarction not bracket? Is it possible that conservative treatment is good?
This disease, the acute phase needs to be opened as soon as possible to reduce the number of necrotic myocardial muscles, saving the endangered myocardial cells, it is best to perform a stent conditional condition. Planting, of course, conservative treatment is also a method, which can also be treated. Whether it can be conservatively treated, it is necessary to combine comprehensive considerations such as the physical fitness, the area of u200bu200bthe diseased infarction, and the location. Yianning can assist

The key to treating myocardial infarction is to clear the blood vessels and remove blood circulation disorders. Therefore, the physical therapy of dredging blood vessels can fundamentally solve the problem.
This physical therapy for dredging blood vessels was invented by Mr. Fan Changxi, a contemporary scientist in my country, so it can also be called Fan Changxi’s special therapy, in order to facilitate memory by everyone as Fan Zi therapy.
Fan Zi therapy can directly clear the blood vessels from in vitro and remove garbage in the blood vessels. No need to perform any surgery, no drugs, nor does it require any medical materials such as light, electricity, magnetic, infrared, etc., which is convenient and fast; it is a self -therapy for patients at home and treating themselves. Retrieved his health and was highly praised by people from all walks of life, many media have been reported.
If you want to learn more about Fan Changxi’s special therapy, you must visit the official website of Fan Zi therapy, because many of them are imitation and counterfeit now.

It is almost useless if the heart can cause irreversible damage to the heart in time to miss the operation time.
Slow myocardial infarction is recommended to help treatment, including treatment. If there is no meaning, it is recommended to surgery. After all, it is mild.

u0026 lRM; Myocardial infarction at the time of the attack u0026 lRM; timely send u0026 lRM; to the hospital for cure u0026 lRM;
3. What is conservative treatment for acute myocardial infarction?
  急性心肌梗塞保治療更安全,引起原因心陽有振,血行失暢,治法,回陽救逆,理氣活血,服中藥心梗救逆湯,氣陰兩虛,心陽不足, Treatment methods, beneficial temperature yang, nourishing yin and promoting blood, taking Chinese medicine and nourishing soup is the best choice.
4. Can large myocardial infarction be conservative?
Opinion Suggestions: Large -scale myocardial infarction, which is prone to complications and cause danger. Myocardial infarction is the best in intervening thrombolytic treatment within 6 hours. Now only medication can be used to treat observation to reduce complications.

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