Is there any way to cure the athlete

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1. Is there any way to cure the athletes
High with nitrate nitrate, you can just apply for two or three months

Soak your feet

3. What are the methods of cure?
In fact, what do you want to cure? It’s not easy, but it is really easy to use it. It is easy to use some medicines to cure it, but sometimes he is a fungus, you need to persist for a while, and then the rest of It is to renovate all the socks you used. If you have good toe, you will no longer be subject to the previous socks and shoes. It doesn’t make sense. If you have a cold, and then you take a cold medicine, and you will freeze a cold in the future. Can you say that the last cold did not take root? So this athlete is a kind of fungi, it is really good, it is very difficult to cure, but it is cured. If you no longer come into contact with the previous things, it should be completely cured. I thought I was just like me, and if I could do it, what I said should still be good, as if people refer to that scabies. Many people say that they can’t cure well, and they are infected again. I said me. I can cure you at once, and then I once bet with someone, and then I said my treatment method, they can be convinced, and I really cure him. Some people itch it, it is that scabies, and then It is to wipe the whole body that is injured and infected again and over. Why can’t you cure it? I asked that person to buy a few more boxes, apply the whole body after taking a bath, and then put on brand new clothes after busy. The new one, and then three days. Many people do not support me. They do use this method to cure many of these disease numbers, so that they should take the same principle of taking this coquettish wife. I wonder if you can be inspired? If you can get your mind, your illness is fine. Well, I will say so much, I wish you good luck!

Really kill fungi, Noon skin antibacterial solution

The top priority to solve the foot odor is to pay attention to cleaning. Wash it at least twice a day as much as possible, it is best to wash your feet with soap with sterilization. In addition, there are 4 ways to effectively suppress foot odor.
(1) Put a large amount of hot water in the washbasin, add about 1 spoon of baking soda, soak the feet for about 30 minutes after melting, it is best to soak it once in the morning and evening. Bacterial spray, persist for a week.
(2) First prepare 2 bags of black tea or green tea bag, soak it with hot hot water for 10 minutes, take out the tea bag, then add a small amount of cold water, and soak the feet for about 30 minutes. It is best to soak it twice a week.
(3) Put 2 to 3 spoons of lemon juice in the hot water washed, and then you can soak your feet. ThisMethods can be soaked multiple times a week.
(4) Add a small amount of vinegar to the hot water of the feet after taking a shower every night, and then soak the feet.
4. Is there any way to cure the athlete, it is best to cure it?
Xia Qiu alternated, many people suffered from athletes to varying degrees. In fact, according to information statistics, 70-80%of people are suffering from athletes, so it is not a big deal to have athletes. As long as actively treats and prevent it, the athlete will go away from us.

Open a step -by -step reading mode
Tool material:
Tender willow leaves
white sugar
Operation method
First we need to know that the athletes often occur repeatedly The main reason
I heard a lot of athlete patients complaining. After getting the athletes, I couldn’t cure it several times. I always recur after a period of time. The main reason why the athletes occur repeatedly, there are four main reasons:
The first point, the fungus is difficult to be killed, it can be survived for a long time in an environment of about 6 ° C; in the high temperature of 120 ° C, it does not within 10 minutes. It will die; on the hair from the hair, the finger (toe) armor, dander, etc., the toxicity can be maintained for more than 1 year.
The second point, some athlete patients use drugs to inhibit fungus. When the symptoms are slightly improved, the medication is stopped. In fact, the fungus has not been completely killed.
After the third point, after the cure, due to the disobedience, he shared slippers, pots, towels and other items with other athlete patients, or in particular occasions such as swimming pools. “Re -infection”.
In the fourth point, some patients do not go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital after getting sick. I bought some anti -inflammatory drugs. Although this can temporarily relieve itching, causing the illness of the disease, but there is no antifungal effect, the germs cannot be able to do it. Killing will be even more rampant, and it will interfere or even prevent local immune reactions.

[Tender willow leaves to treat the athletes]
I have a history of a few years of athletes. After the drug treatment, it has little effect. I heard that the tender willow leaves can be cured. I tried a tender willow leaf and torment with water, and then washed my feet. It was not effective for a few times. This method informed several friends with athletes that they also relieved their pain after use. If you only ulcerate your toe seams, you can rub the tender willow leaves into small pills, clamp it to the toe seam, and clamp it in the evening (you can put on socks).

[White sugar can cure foot air]
Wash the feet with warm water, take a little sugar, rub it repeatedly with your hands with your hands, wash it after rubbing, and do not wash it. Once every two or three days, patients with slight athletes can be cured after 3 times. This method is particularly effective in the toes.

[Tsuckle and salt to cure athletes]
A friend suffered from athletes for many years. Last year, a friend introduced one side and cured the athlete after trial. Specific partyMethod: Put 10 grams of peppercorns and 20 grams of salt. Add it to the water and cook it. When the temperature does not burn your feet, you can soak it. Soak for 20 minutes per night. The use of peppercorns and salt water can be used continuously after heating the next day. Those who have been infected with ulcers are used with caution.

[Leek can cure the athletes]
A netizen’s feet are itching all year round, often ulceration between the toes, and the long -term treatment is ineffective. Later friends introduced one side: Fresh leeks were washed in half a catty, cut into the pot in the pot, and rushed into the boiling water. When you cool to the feet, soak your feet for half an hour, the amount of water should not be over the feet, and you can rub with your feet at the same time. Wash it again a week, the effect is very good.

[Leek soup water tinea cure disease]
Another netizen’s tinea and athlete disease has decades of history, almost experienced various types of ringworm drugs, and the results are all in vain. A recipe was cured in 1986, and it has not recurred for five years. It is very simple:
Buy a handful of leeks, wash and cut it, put it in the pot into a paste, and then pour it in boiling water to brew (the amount is enough to soak the hands and feet). , Put your hands and feet into the affected area, about 30 minutes, there is no pain. I only soaked twice, and the affected area gradually did not itch. After a few days, the affected area peels the smooth skin.
[Salt and ginger, wash your feet and remove your feet. The feet are also easy to eliminate fatigue.

[Radish boiled water can remove the foot odor]
Use half of the white radish, cut into thin slices, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it for 3 minutes, and then use it again. Winfire boiled for 5 minutes, and then poured into the basin. After the cooling was moderate, wash your feet repeatedly.

Special Tips
Change the socks frequently. If possible, wear socks with toes, so that you can effectively remove the sweat in the toe seam to avoid the birth of the toes.
As long as the shoes are kept dry and clean, do not wear the same pair of shoes every day.
Tips: If the shoes are not enough, changing the insole is also a good choice.
Regardless of whether you have athletes or whether you have a foot, do not share your foot washing towels, or even wear people’s shoes in public to prevent cross -infection.
Wash the feet frequently. After washing your feet, use a towel to wipe the water in the cracks of your toes to avoid causing athletes.

Athletes are actually athletes, which are fungal infections in the feet. The temperature of the foot is usually relatively high. A fungi likes to breed in such a high temperature and humid environment, so the athlete will form.

The clinical manifestation of the athletes is that erosion or blisters appear at the toe. Patients with severe desquamation will crack on the heel, and it will affect the nails. The fungi has violated the nails.

The athlete can be treated. The use of antifungal drugs for treatment is divided into two aspects: oral and external. For patients with normal liver and kidney function, you can consider choosing oral drug treatment. Usually 1 to 2 courses of treatment, a course of treatment is one month, you can take a week to stop for three weeks. Essence

Athletes are the pain that many people can’t say. It can make people’s feet particularly itchy and affect people’s work and life. It stands to reason that winter is the best time to treat the athlete, because the temperature is relatively low in this season, it will be easier to treat. But this season people wear cotton shoes, and when they cover, the athletes will become very rampant. Let’s take a look at how to cure athletes in winter.

How should I treat athletes in winter?
1. Drug treatment

If you are tortured by athletes in winter, do not let it go for development, and go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Generally speaking, the main treatment method is drug treatment. You can take antifungal drugs orally, or you can paint the ointment of athletes. If you want to make the athletes good faster, you must treat the symptoms. You must use medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not feel that you can go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Sometimes you buy the right medicine and make the athlete more serious.

2. Different shoe and socks

People wear cotton shoes in winter. Unlike summer, the shoes are thinner and can be cleaned frequently. However, if you do not change your shoes for a long time, you will make the athlete more serious. Therefore, the shoes must be replaced frequently in winter, and they must be cleaned frequently. In addition to shoes, socks must be changed every day, wearing some socks with good breathability and cotton. Do not change shoes and socks for a long time, make your feet more and more stinky, and make your toes worse.

3. Wash your feet every day

You must pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of your feet on weekdays. Do not think that washing your feet is optional. Good and faster. Especially when wash your feet in winter can promote blood circulation, make the whole body warm, and promote sleep, it is a good habit of getting extra. And now there are many Chinese medicine packs that can treat the athletes. Putting a traditional Chinese medicine wrap in the foot of the feet when soaking the feet, it is also helpful for the treatment of the athletes.

4. Frequent sun exposure

Here, the sun is often exposed, not people often bask in the sun, but to expose their shoes, socks and other items. Sometimes when the shoes are worn for a long time, some odors will be produced. Putting these shoes under the sun can be disinfected for a day. If there is no particularly good sun in the area where you live, you can buy a disinfection machine and disinfect shoes and socks regularly. In addition to the sun, you can also put some disinfected pills in the shoes. When you do n’t wear it, put the medicine bag in. When you wear it, take out the medicine bag to remove the odor and eliminate fungi.

Winter is the best season for the treatment of athletes. I hope that you can pay attention to this matter, go to the hospital for help, and treat the doctor’s guidance and suggestion. In addition to treatment, it is also necessary to take positive care in life, so as to get rid of the tangles of athletes as soon as possible and make yourself no longer uncomfortable.

The athlete itself belongs to the itching disease caused by fungal infection, which is contagious. If you want to cure the athletes, it is recommended to choose oral drugs and external drugs for common treatment. Fen tablets or hexzole, local coating nitrate cream, you can also choose to use clonazole cream or ketozole washing agent. It will soon kill fungi. In daily life, you need to pay attention not to always wear humid and sultry shoes to avoid providing an environment for the survival of fungi. If it is a keratinized bell -to -footed pointed hyperplasia, it is recommended to use compound lactic acid cream. Claim helps to absorb drug effects.

Need to take oral drugs and external drugs for treatment at the same time. As long as persistence is cured, you can soak your feet with warm salt water before using external drugs, and then disinfect with 75%alcohol with alcohol. Apply the ointment again. Once every morning and evening, the socks should be washed and replaced diligently. You can use sulfur soap for disinfection. It is best to wear cotton permeability in socks. Go to the sun for exposure.
1. Moisturizing and seepage between toes
Do not use medicines that are strongly irritating. It is best to converge and dry the wound before taking the medicine. It can be wet with 1: 8000 potassium permanganate solution solution, and then external oil or powder. After the skin is dry, switch to cream or ointment such as Terbinfen Hydrochloride.
2. If the skin keratosis is severely thickened, it is difficult to penetrate and absorb antifungal drugs
You can soften the keratin with 10%salicylic acid ointment or compound benzoic acid ointment, and then use antifungal drugs. Those with obvious skin cracks can be soaked in warm water to soften the keratin, and then use antifungal drugs. Those with obvious skin cracks can be coated with ointment at a part of warm water, and then packed with a plastic film, bandaged outside, removed after 24 to 48 hours, and then used antifungal drugs.
3. Belbings at the foot, those who are not broken
can be soaked with a 3%boric acid solution first, and then use antifungal cream such as phenolzole cream.
4. Tinea -footed bacterial infection. In principle, a local antibacterial infection should be first.
You can use a beaniin solution or 1: 2000 Nopaseinin solution to wet it. Those with severe infection can take antibiotics orally, such as cephalosporin capsules, red red, red red Motcin and so on.
5. Specifications
For stubborn foot ringworm, oral medication can be given without taboos. Such as Terbinfen, imicitazole, fluonazole, etc. These oral drugs have good effects, but they should pay attention to the possible side reactions, and those with poor liver function should not be used.
6. Persist in medication
Tinea -footed is a slowSexual infection, growth and reproduction in fungal parasites, long -term medication is required to be completely removed.Therefore, after the symptoms of ringworm are relieved, the medication is still needed. The metabolic cycle of the skin is about 28 days. The medication time must persist above the surroundings.It is best to perform fungal examination and cultivation. It is negative for three consecutive weeks to cure.

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