Quickly cure the foot of the foot, peel and the feet itching

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1. Treatment of athletes. Very itchy, peeling, how can I quickly cure it?
Summer skin will not be as dry as winter, so it is the most serious when the athlete recurrence. Generally, Pacin, Pai Ruisatong is not very useful. To go to the dermatologist, the prescription medicine will be on, it will be on, twice a day, and the results will be effective on the same day. I have tried a lot of medicines before, and I just used this. And not recur. The price is more than 20 points. Pharmaceuticals may not be sold. Try it, I wish you a happy!

Use Dacing
2. What method is to treat the athletes that my feet are so itchy and peeling for more than ten years. What are the recommended methods?
Athletic is a infectious skin disease caused by fungal infection, also known as ringworm and Hong Kong feet. Clinically manifested as blisters between the toes or soles of the feet, and itching symptoms. And peeling, if accompanied by bacterial infections, pustules can also occur. Clinically treating athletes with antifungal drugs for local treatment. Specific drugs can be used under the guidance of a doctor. 3 Fen cream et al.

You can use ten drops of water solution to soak your feet.

The most important thing is to persist, and persistence can win. Every night, wash your feet with hot water and wash your feet, dry it, and remove the skin. First apply iodopo to sterilize. After 5 minutes, use 75%alcohol to take off iodine, and then apply ketone Cumazole ointment to inhibit bacteria. Once a day, stick to a month, the athlete will be better. After getting up, change mimonazole milk and persist for another month. The key is to compare the endurance of the athletes. As long as you can persist, there is no problem.

Soak your feet. Some Chinese medicines and some western medicine have foot powder. You can go to the hospital for a little try.

You can try the small recipe, soak the dried orange peel and soak the feet in the water. It’s a good choice to make your feet. Frequently changing shoes and socks, because itchy peeling is generally caused by bacterial infection, pay attention to personal hygiene, and persistence can be eliminated for a long time. You can also add some salt to the foot of the feet. After watching a TV series, take it out and dry it. After a week, you will find that the itching peeling of the heel will be reduced. If the above methods cannot effectively suppress the peeling of the feet, you can buy some tinea -foot spraying doses such as Yisyramoretic spray Dakin and other continuous spraying three to surroundings to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.
3. What should I do if I have itching and peeling with foot?
The most effective thing is to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, tell you what symptoms you are, he will recommend the medicine for you, you will say that there is a cheaper … just! I used to use erythromycin ointment before, wash your face with soap every day, and then apply some medicine. It will be fine for a week,

YouFor your information, it is recommended that you pay attention to hygiene. You can use foot light to soak your feet. Wearing shoes must wear shoes without film

This is a typical symptom of athletes. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene. After washing your feet every day, apply Dakning ointment.

The athletes are mainly caused by fungal infection. It is caused by molting blisters in the attack site. Pay attention to wearing loose and breathable shoes. The socks should be washed with boiling water and exposed to the sun. The local attack site can be used for external antifungal ointment, such as ketonazole ointment or Tabinfen ointment. If the symptoms are relatively severe, you can take antifungal antifungal combined treatment at the same time.
4. How to treat the athlete? Itchy feet are severely molted and needed urgently. Seeking recommendation
You can try this

It is pretty good

If the feet appear serious It is peeling and itching is produced. This phenomenon may be keratinized a ringworm, and keratinized athletes, which produces peeling, which shows that this kind of a ringworm is accompanied by a certain manifestation of eczema. Therefore, in the treatment, anti -inflammatory and antifungal treatment is mainly treated. Generally, it is treated with beneficial muscle grass spray for treatment. Do not scratch it with your hands when itching. Fall off.

Persist in washing your feet every day, and then wiped it with Dakning Cream, penetrate the pure cotton socks of sweat -absorbing sweat, and wears good breathable shoes

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