The best treatment for heart failure

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1. The best treatment for heart failure, which methods can relieve heart failure?
Heart failure is divided into left heart failure, right heart failure, full heart failure, etc. It can only be symptomatic, there is no other good way! Give a little health suggestion: 1. To prevent colds in the cold season or sudden climate change, patients should reduce going out, wearing masks and appropriate clothes when they go out, and patients should go to the crowd densely. Patients with respiratory tract infections are very likely to worsen the condition sharply. 2. Do some physical activities that can be done in appropriate activities, but do not have too much or too fierce activities, let alone participate in more violent activities, so as not to increase the sudden increase of heart failure. 3. The diet should be light and less salt, and the diet should be less greasy, and more vegetables and fruits. For patients who have suffered from heart failure, we must control the intake of salt. Excessive salt intake will increase the body liquid retention and increase edema, but there is no need to completely leave salt. 4. A healthy lifestyle must quit smoking and alcohol, maintain a balanced mentality, prevent emotions from fluctuating too much, and ensure sufficient sleep. Early signs of heart failure of the elderly ① When labor or up the stairs, breathing difficulties; ② Sudden breathing difficulties during sleep, and getting better when sitting up; ③ lower limb swelling, decreased urine volume; ④ no cold, cough, more sputum, more sputum, and more sputum,, sputum, and more sputum, sputum, and more sputum, sputum, and more sputum, sputum, and more sputum, and sputum, sputum, and more sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum, and sputum. Heart panic, holding your breath; ⑤ insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite; ⑥ disease increase, limb twitching, breathing suspension, purple salamander, but after the attack, the blood pressure is reduced immediately; It is extremely difficult to breathe, with a sense of suffocation, coughing and giggling a lot of pink foam -like sputum. For those who have 1-5 items of the above symptoms, those who can get the number of them are a typical manifestation of early heart failure, and they should attract attention; if there are 6 items that can be confronted, it is a heart syncope caused by cerebral ischemia; If there are all, it is the manifestation of acute pulmonary swelling. Daily nursing precautions first keep the ward environment quiet, comfortable and neat, fresh air, and keep warm in winter to prevent respiratory infections and aggravate the condition. Oxygen therapy can improve the body’s hypoxia, promote tissue metabolism, and maintain life activities. It is one of the important measures for mental failure treatment. Oxygen should start with small flow, and adjust the traffic as needed after adapting to patients. Patients with insufficiency of heart function should be treated with appropriate positioning according to the insufficient level of heartbeat. Generally, patients should take high pillow sleep; those who are heavier adopt a semi -lying or sitting position can reduce symptoms of breathing difficulties such as shortness of atmosphere and asthma. Those with severe heart function or inexhaustible left -hearted function should take a sitting position, and at the same time sagging both lower limbs, reducing the blood volume of the heart, decreased muscle, expanding chest volume, increased lung volume, can relieve breathing difficulties; for mild heart function, for mild heart function Patients with insufficiency should not do heavy physical activities, such as allowed to be limited to daily life activities. For patients with moderate mental failure, add bed rest to avoid intense exercise, which is more suitable for walking as a mild activity, and there are symptoms of heartpy functional symptoms. For patients with severe heart function, patients should absolutely rest in bed.After the mental function improves, it is as early as possible according to the recovery of the condition to prevent long -term bed in the period of time and cause muscle atrophy, digestive dysfunction, and venous thrombosis. The activity should pay attention to gradual progress. Strawberry I. Patients with mild heart failure restrict physical activity. Patients with gravity failure are mainly resting in bed; after the improvement of the heart function, it is appropriate to get off the bed to avoid the formation of lower limb thrombosis and lung infection. Second, reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, should eat a small amount, and properly control the total daily food. It is advisable to eat a low salt, and the daily salt should not exceed 5 grams (1 yuan); avoid salt -pickled food and salt -containing fried goods. During heart failure, due to gastrointestinal congestion and low digestive function, it is easy to cause abdominal distension. If you eat too much, the stomach is full, which can easily lead to diaphragmic spasm and affect cardiopulmonary function. Mainly semi -liquid or soft food, and eat less meals. Third, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, alcohol, do not drink strong tea or coffee. Fourth, take the medicine strictly in accordance with the doctor’s order, and do not change the use of drugs casually. Especially when taking diuretics and ground high scholarship, it should be used to avoid adverse consequences. Fifth, cold, diarrhea, fever, or changes in conditional changes. Sixth, it should be noted that women with childbearing age should do a good job of contraceptive work.

The edema can be disappeared quickly after treatment, indicating that the response to the drug is okay. Diuretic drugs can be changed to orally; if the heart rate is not too fast, there is no need to double him. If the heart rate is fast after other treatment, it can still be added when the effect is poor, but pay attention to the dose. This medicine must be used when the heart function is good. If I did not give up when you were discharged, I did not use it. If the adjustment is appropriate and the condition is stable, of course, you can move appropriately and you can discharge.
Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital-Cardiovascular Medicine-Party Yuhua Chief Physician
2. The best treatment for heart failure?

The first time the hospital was submitted to those doctors to treat the doctor what medicine to prescribe to help you treat you. In this case, the best treatment The method is to see the doctor

Heart failure itself has no surgical treatment, mainly to restrict drinking water, strengthening heart, diuretic, and vascular expansion.

Strong diuretic diuretic expansion, moderate exercise, light diet.
Can you cure heart failure? What are the best treatments?

4. The best treatment for heart failure

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