The best treatment method for goose palm -winding and tineae

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1. The best and simplest treatment for goose palm wind is?
Hello, the goose palm wind is more difficult to cure. It is recommended that you try the pure Chinese medicine soaking hand medicine “Niu Sanguang soaked in hand powder” and use half a month for half a month. It should be able to play a role, and hope to adopt

Use “Special Effect Sanguang Handworm Pure”. The pure Chinese medicine is soaked in hand, it is very simple, the problem is solved in half a month, is it soon!
2. What is the best way to treat goose palm wind?
The geese of Chinese medicine said by Chinese medicine is caused by fungi and other fungi. It is just a more serious type of handwriting. The athlete is athletes, which is difficult to cure, and repeatedly develops too much. At present, Junyue’s rough hands and feet cracking liquid is a product developed by goose palm wind. After use, there is a dedicated skin cream. No recurrence has been found in the use. Two boxes of one treatment, invalid refund.

The palm of the tributary of the Township of the Township is a Chinese medicine component without side effects suitable for children, the elderly and other people. It can clear heat and dampness, sterilization and itching, swelling and pain, which is suitable for conditioning and maintenance of skin problems such as ringworm and tinea. Pay attention to eating beef, dog meat, wine, salted fish, sauce, spicy, etc. Vegetables, fruits, avoid drinking, strong tea, coffee, etc., do more exercise, and have certain benefits for treatment. Pay attention to the diet in life that you can’t eat spicy foods, do not drink alcohol, do not drink strong tea. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to the balance of diet, sufficient nutrition
3. Is there any better treatment method for goose palm wind
“Handworm” is commonly known as goose palm wind. Take 15 grams each of Sichuan pepper and transparent grass, add 1,000 ml of water, fry the fire for 30 minutes, fumigate the affected area first, and wash for 30 minutes when you can get started. Three times a day, healing half a month.

The symptoms of goose palm wind
Symptoms of goose palm wind 1. The rash occurs on the side of the finger, the flexion side, the between the finger and the palm, and the palm edge. Rasal is often limited to unilateral.
2. Often or worsening in summer, it has improved in winter.
3. The shape of the rash is divided into three types: blisters, scales, and erosion types. Each type can be transformed into each other or exist at the same time, but in a certain period, it is often based on the performance of one of them.
(1) Blish type: The rash is deep in small blisters, scattered or clustered, and there are a small amount of scales after ulceration or absorption. Conscious itching is obvious, often infection because of scratching or picking blisters by itself.
(2) Scale type: It is extended as excessive keratosis, dryness, rough, desquamation, and light redness. If you occur with one hand, you can also affect both hands. Conscious itching is lighter, and it often cracks pain in winter.
(3) erosion: more in the finger. The local epidermis is moist, white and white, and itchy. After the epidermis is broken, the red erosion surface is exposed, and it is conscious itching and burning sensation at this time. It is often secondary infection due to scratching.
4. The course of the disease is slow, usually not healing for many years.
5. It can be used as a direct mirror examination or fungal culture examination to further clarify the diagnosis.
Treatment Principles
1.Control the infection first;
2. Select the correct antifungal dosage form according to clinical typing;
3. If necessary, take the system of antifungal drugs for the system.
The principle of medication
1. For those who combine bacterial infections, first use antibiotics to control the infection and then antifungal preparations;
2. General patients are used as the main treatment, and the correct dosage forms are selected according to different clinical types; [[[[[[[[ 123] (1) Immersion type: powder or cream;
(2) Homeline type: solution, pyrine or cream;
(3) scales keratinized: cream or ointment.
3. For refractory infection system antifungal medicine treatment, Speareno or therapy is currently used.
Pay attention to the self -care of hygiene and skin

The price is expensive, not right, not good medicine. “Niu Sanguang soaked with hand powder”, I have taught it, I really hate each other, find it for myself, do n’t say more
4. What kind of medicine is good for the hand of the goose? Tinea -type tinea. Like the treatment of ringworm.

Experience talks -ringworm is a fungal infection, and sterilization is good. Endless sterilization, repeated is the characteristic of hand -to -foot ringworm.

Bacterial bacteria Bacteria can lurk for a long time. Generally, it is light in winter, and it is heavy in spring and summer!

It is good to pay attention to hygiene. Washing hands and feet often, keeping dry, breathable.
Bacterial fungus everywhere You give them the environment and they breed quickly!

Find 9 °-12 ° vinegar essence, soak it for half an hour before going to bed every night, dry it naturally after soaking It will be fine for 10 to 15 days, it will explode, just finish it, the bacteria are killed, and the cells are sacrificed!

I often wash my hands and feet, keep my hands and feet hygienic, and not recur. [123. [123. ]
Frequently wash your hands and feet, keep your hands and feet hygienic, and do not recur.

Hand tinea is generally caused by fungi infected, and it is contagious. Pay attention to hygiene. It is recommended to actively treat it to prevent the spread of infection to other parts. Pay attention to wash your hands frequently and do not contact irritating things. Pay attention to hygiene. Outside of drugs for treatment. After drilling peeling, then use nitrate ointment. Belthal type can be used for external compound phenolic phenol coating agents. Pimple scales and keratinized excessive types, and body ringworm types can be used. .

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables to enhance resistance; eat less fishy food.

2. Personal hygiene should be clean, but do not use frequent cleaning, not to use pupae The soap detergent, it is best to use a mild cleaning agent. Pay attention to it. It may be cool if you do it with hot water, but don’t do it, it will only aggravate the condition.

[12] [12] [12] [12] [12]3] 1. Pay attention to your own hygiene, soak your feet hot every day, and change your shoes and socks every day.
Second, it is best to wear breathable sandals or slippers when it is severe, so that the athlete toes are directly exposed.
Third, use towels and wash basins alone, do not transmit it to others, wash your hands with soap after washing your feet, so as not to be transmitted to your hand.
Fourth, timely treatment is important. You can apply the Chinese ointment. Persist in half a month every morning and evening to recover.
Don’t forget to accept it if you do n’t see it, continue to use about ten days, truly kill bacteria, and prevent it from going again in the future.

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