The best way to treat myocardial infarction for the elderly

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1. What should I do if the elderly have myocardial infarction? What is the best treatment for myocardial infarction? …
If there is any other unwell symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for review in real time to prevent the blood vessels from blocking again, otherwise it will be dangerous, and Bai Yan will pay attention to it. Taste Xinyang Kang’s natural leech, my mother -in -law was eating this last year. After eating for five months, my mother -in -law can go out and stroll itself.
2. What are the myocardial infarction of the elderly in the family? What are the myocardial infarction and myocardial infarction? disease. Most of them occur after middle age. During the onset, there are severe and lasting properties similar to the symptoms such as the front chest pain, palpitations, asthma, weak pulse, and decreased blood pressure. Taking nitroglycerin is ineffective, which can produce serious consequences. So what are the treatment methods for myocardial infarction? The following experts of the China Cardiac Invasion Treatment Center will give you the following introduction: 1. Monitoring and general treatment of general treatment of absolute bed for 1 to 3 days; oxygen absorbing; continuous ECG monitoring observation of heart rate, arrhythmia and changes in arrhythmia, and arrhythmia and arrhythmia and arrhythmia and arrhythmia and arrhythmia. Blood pressure and breathing, monitor for 3 to 5 days, monitor the pressurization and venous pressure of the lung hair wedge if necessary; low salt, low -fat, a small amount of meals, keep the stool unobstructed, go to bed in 1 week, 2 weeks in the corridor, 3 The hospital was discharged from the hospital. Second, sedative pain and painting can be repeated once every 4 to 6 hours. The irritable person uses Du Lengding and the non -that muscle injection or quiet injection. 3. Adjust the blood capacity to establish vein channels as soon as possible after admission. Fourth, reduce the area of u200bu200bthe infarction area, the treatment of thrombolysis: can reconstruct the blood transport, and the myocardial muscles are irrigated. Within 6 hours of the onset, there are persistent chest pain, the ST segment is raised, and the non -thrombo -free contraindication can be used to add urine kinase or chain -excited enzymes to add to the physiological saline 30 minutes, followed by heparin anticoagulation treatment for 3 to 5 days. If possible, you can also use coronary internal thrombolysis; nitroglycerin: This drug can directly expand the coronary vein, relieve coronary spasm, increase the side branch cycle, and reduce the area of u200bu200bthe infarction; the first few hours of the onset, the beta blocking agent can consume myocardial muscle consumption The amount of oxygen is reduced, and the area of u200bu200bthe infarction is reduced; Early treatment of non -Q wave myocardial infarction. V. Anti -rhythm and abnormal Lidoyin prevention for first young patients who are prone to ventricular fibrillation and within 6 hours of the disease; once the ventricular premature beats or ventricular tachycardia (ventricular speed) are found, immediately use Lida Caine quietly notes to note After the premature beat disappears, it can be sustainable and static; ventricular fibrillation occurs, and use non -synchronous DC electrocarring fibrillation as soon as possible. When the room speed curative effect is not satisfactory, synchronous electrical compound rhythm should be adopted early; for slow arrhythmia, you can often use Atropine muscle or static injection; Fast arrhythmia is abnormal. When the ocean -yellow and alien -fixed drugs cannot be controlled, the electrical compound rhythm can be synchronized. Six, acuteAfter the myocardial infarction, the first choice of nitrate sodium is the first choice of nitric sodium sodium in the treatment of pulmonary edema after the treatment of the cardiopathy and pump failure. Corporation, the heart -based shock can be dopamine, polyphenolinine or Alaming. If blood pressure can be maintained, nitric sodium can be used. Those with conditions can use aortic airbag anti -fighting, which can increase the survival rate. 7. Acute myocardial infarction Phase II Prevention uses 24 -hour dynamic ECG monitoring, ultrasonic cardiac percussion, radioactive homogenide motion test before discharge, and found symptoms or asymptomatic myocardial ischemia and severe arrhythmia. Determine and implement coronary arteries, and through the coronary formation or coronary artery bridge of the cortex to prevent re -infarction or sudden death. 8. Life and work arrangements are 2 to 3 months after discharge, and partial or light work will be restored as appropriate. After that, some patients can return to work throughout the day, but to avoid overwork or excessive tension.
3, 80 elderly people have myocardial infarction. How can I treat it?
Hello! Since you are in his 80s, the treatment of coronary heart disease is mainly conservative treatment. Generally speaking, there is no consideration such as surgery. Drugs are mainly oral aspirin, Bellek, vascular tensional converting enzyme inhibitors, statins and other drugs. Of course, you need to combine your own situation. It is recommended that you go to the cardiovascular department of the local regular hospital.
The First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Deputy Chief Physician Xie Haibo
4. May I ask how to treat myocardial infarction? Can you perform surgery? Thanks!
Conservative speaking, acute myocardial infarction is not easy to surgery within half a year, because surgery will have a heart burden on the heart and induces myocardial infarction. Therefore, properly controlling myocardial ischemia and accompanying arrhythmia, proper thrombolysis is an effective method for treatment. The specific situation should be concluded according to the patient’s condition.

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This is mainly based on the symptoms, you can call 120 to take the patient to the hospital to see.

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