The difference between oyster cleaning method and oyster

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Oyster, this seafood is also delicious, don’t you want to, have you eaten it? Let’s take a look at the method of cleaning oysters? What are the differences between oysters and oysters:

Oyster cleaning method:

1. The method of cleaning oysters

Oyster generally does not need to let it vomit sediment Essence When cleaning the oyster, it is best to wear latex gloves, put the oysters in water, and wash the sediment with the oyster shell with a brush. Then, pour the water, add some flour, and mix well with the oyster.

Next, rinse the flour with water, add some salt and wash it a few times. If the oyster indicates that there is still a stick, it means that it has not been washed, and you can repeat the above steps and wash it a few more times.

2. The cleaning method of fresh oyster meat

If you buy fresh oyster meat, it is often mixed with broken oyster shells or other impurities, as long as the appropriate amount of vegetable oil is dripped in it ( Peanut oil) is easier to clean.

The black thing in the oyster meat is the internal organs of the oyster. There should be a small amount of feces in it, but when you eat it, most people do not remove this part. If you care about it, you can also remove it.

3. Dried oyster cleaning method

Dry the oysters in hot water with soda powder with soda powder first. It is not only easy to wash, but it can also remove dried oysters. The odor, rinse it with water after washing, so that the processed oysters are delicious anyway.

The difference between oysters and oysters:

Oysters and oysters are two completely different things, although many times and many places also call u0026 ldquo; oysters u0026 rdquo; Or strictly speaking, oysters are a type of oyster.

Oysters, software animals, there are two shells, one is small and flat, the other is large and bulging, with a triangle, the back and abdomen is eight -shaped, the right shell is pale yellow, with loose concentric scales. The scales are undulating into wave -shaped and white inside. The surface of the shell is uneven. Meat is eaten, and oyster sauce can be made. Meat, shell, and oil can be used as medicine. It is also called oyster clams, clams, oysters yellow, sea oysters, oysters, etc. There are multiple oysters in different seas.

Oyster is a relatively large type of oyster variety. One of the big shells can be more than a pound. In the shallow seas of the half -salty and half -light, inner bay. Due to the limitation suitable for growth conditions, its number is less than other varieties, so its economic price is generally higher. Common carbon roasted oysters are this thing. The most famous should be regarded as Zhanjiang’s carbon roast oysters.

However, in terms of zinc content, the difference between oysters and oysters is amazing: 71.2 mg of zinc per 100g oysters, while the same weight oysters contain only 9.39mg, and oysters are 7.6 times that of ordinary oysters.As far as zinc content is concerned, oysters are definitely the best. They are far ahead of other natural foods, and there is no food to look back.There are also oyster protein content of more than 40 %, rich in nutrition and delicious. It is known as u0026 ldquo;Therefore, the zinc content that nutrition has always respected u0026 ldquo; the highest u0026 rdquo; oyster refers to u0026 ldquo; oyster u0026 rdquo; instead of ordinary oysters.Zinc, for men, is an important element that constitutes JY, you know.

The method of cleaning oysters is introduced here. There is a difference between this oyster and oyster. Do you eat oysters or oysters.

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