What are the symptoms of cervical erosion

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1. What are the symptoms of female cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is mild, moderate, and severe

1. Abnormal leucorrhea
The increase in leucorrhea will increase, yellow, or milky white, pale yellow, relatively sticky, or purulent, water samples. The most significant outside is itching and accompanied by odor.
Pay attention to the change of leucorrhea
It may be sticky, or it forms a pale yellow, purulent or bloody leucorrhea, which is more common in milk -white mucus -like leucorrhea.
In addition to the abnormal leucorrhea, it often feels backache and abdominal pain.
Increased leucorrhea
The color of the leucorrhea is generally yellow, very sticky, and the taste is relatively strong. Sometimes it will be accompanied by irregular vaginal bleeding in the lower body, and frequent urination may occur, the waist soreness worsen, and the lower abdomen swelling.
Disposable underwear: Many times, the germs are brought by clothes, so as female friends, they need to change their clothes frequently. It can be used for a long time to use “Qing Fei Shuli”, which is very helpful for conditioning cervical erosion.
2. What are the early performance of cervical erosion

Early symptoms of cervical erosion are manifested in the following aspects:
There will be a phenomenon of increased leucorrhea and sticky, and the amount of secretions of the lower yin will increase, which is often sticky. This is a secretion that is abnormal by the cervix.
2. Paraceptous, bloody leucorrhea
Cervical erosion patients occasionally have purulent and bloody leucorrhea. Patients often have backache and small belly pain, and sometimes accompanied by lower abdomen and falling pain.
3. Injection of sexual bleeding
Female patients with frequent sexual life may also have contact bleeding in sexual intercourse, often feel itching of the vulva, and accompanied by a disgusting odor.
4. Lumbosacral pain, dysmenorrhea
Some patients can feel very painful, and have symptoms of dysmenorrhea when menstruation. With the worsening of cervical erosion, the pathogen is easy to cause chronic tissue inflammation. In this way, the lumbosacral pain, pain in the pelvic cavity, and symptoms of dysmenorrhea will occur. When inflammation affects the main ligament, there is pain in sexual life.
5, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria
Patients with cervical erosion often have the problem of frequent urination, urgency, and pain. When inflammation spreads to the bladder triangle area, the stimulation of the bladder will cause frequent urination, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency, Urinary pain, and a few patients can suffer from urinary tract infection.

Cervical erosion is the most common local characteristics in the process of chronic uterine inflammatory lesions. Due to inflammatory secretions, cervical scale -shaped epithelium falls off, which is replaced by the columnar epithelium of the cervical tube, that is, the manifestation, that is, the manifestation For cervical erosion, the cervical erosion is divided into Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ degree according to the size of the cervical erosion area. The main symptoms are:
1) Increase in leucorrhea: The increase in leucorrhea is the main symptom of the disease, sometimes bloody or mixed mixed Blood.
2) vulvaChing: Vaginal vagina can cause vaginal itching and pain caused by vulva or vaginitis due to increased leucorrhea.
3) Pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral part: When inflammation is heavier, it can be along the uterine 骶 ligament, causing pain in the lower abdomen or lumbosacral area, and is accompanied by a feeling of falling.
4) Difficulty of urination or urination: When inflammation spreads around the bladder triangle or around the bladder, frequent urination or difficulty in urination may occur.
The above symptoms only appear according to personal constitution, and their performance is different. It will be good

3. What are the symptoms and phenomena of cervical erosion?
Cervical cylindrical epithelium is a physiological phenomenon. Patients generally have no special symptoms.
If the patient’s cervix is u200bu200binfected or other stimulus, cervicitis can appear, and even uplifting infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore Symptoms of secondary diseases commonly occurred in seed diseases:
increased leucorrhea, and increased secretions can stimulate vulva discomfort or itching;
abnormal leucorrhea can be sticky or purulent, sometimes blood wire or a small amount of blood ;
A small amount of vaginal bleeding after contact with sexual bleeding, after sexual intercourse, gynecological examination and other behaviors;
repeated lower abdominal pain or lower back pain.

Physiological cervical erosion is the most common in cervical erosion. The main manifestation of this is due to long -term inflammation and irritation, causing the scale -like epithelial cells of the uterus to fall, and the growth of columnar epithelial cells is caused by covering. Cervical erosion can be divided into light, medium, and heavy. Cervical erosion caused by typical cervical inflammation can be mainly manifested as: 1. The secretions increase and turn yellow, which contains significant odor; 2. In the process of sexual life Blood or bloody leucorrhea; 3. Patients will have itching and pain in the private parts, and there will also be lower abdomen and low back pain.

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