What causes cervical erosion 3 degrees

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What causes the cause of cervical erosion in 1.3 degrees.
causes four main reasons for cervical erosion:
1. Unclean sexual life. Because pre -marital sex is mostly hidden, and young people do not have a stable economic source, they cannot create a stable and clean sex living environment, so the chance of disease will increase greatly.
2. Premature sexual activity and too many sexual partners. Today, young people generally have the phenomenon of pre -marital sex. Premature sexual life, frequent replacement of sexual partners, and excessive sexual life (more than 4 times a week) are the causes of cervical erosion cannot be ignored.
3. Excessive cleaning. At present, there are many women’s cleaning supplies in the market. If you choose improperly, use a large concentration of disinfectant solution to rinse the vagina, which will not only affect the growth of normal vaginal flora, but also reduce the role of the bacteria, which will cause different degrees of cervical cervix. The epithelium was damaged, and the erosion occurred.
4. multiple abortion. Multiple abortion, diagnostic curetics, cervical dilatation surgery and other gynecological surgery caused by pre -marital sex, which may cause cervical injury or inflammation, causing cervical erosion after the pupa.
2. What is the cause of cervical erosion 3 degrees?
Cleaning excessive causes
Cervical erosion
. Women are very particular about hygiene. They often rinse the vagina with a large concentration of disinfection drugs, and the results are counterproductive. Not only
in the vagina
, but also
beneficial bacteria
. The correct method should be: clean the vulva with water. If you do not need to rinse the vagina, maintain the natural defense of the female reproductive tract, and do not destroy the ecological balance in the vagina. It is recommended that female friends use a [Fei Yanli NING glue] before going to bed every night before going to bed] Put in the vulva, because it is Chinese medicine, it has no effect on the body. It can be recovered well for your YD for a while.
3. How did cervical erosion 3 degrees caused? Intersection
Cervical erosion is caused by sexual life, fertility, surgical infection, abortion, vaginitis, and chaos with cleaning liquid!
The severe transforming from mild treatment to severe treatment!
So you now know that if you are severe, you have to quickly treat it, because the severe ones may also be transformed into cancer!

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