What do you think of crabs?

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Crab yellow, this is very delicious. It is not easy to eat more crabs from the crabs. This needs to seize the opportunity. Let’s see how crabs are yellow?什么時間吃螃蟹蟹黃多:



好的螃蟹當然是比較重的,在同樣In the case, the heavier one means that the meat is more and the yellow (cream) is full.

2, squeeze soft and hard

Pin the crab’s leg with your hands. If it feels soft, it means that this crab is very empty and there is no meat. Essence And if the crab legs are hard, it means that this is a u0026 ldquo; robust u0026 rdquo; crab, which shows that the crab cream crab is rich in yellow.

3. Look at the color

See the color divided into two steps: First, the crab shell should be blue, the crab belly should be white, not black; Highly raised (the root of the crab shell and the root of the crab umbilical should be separated and full of rising), which proves that the crab yellow (paste) is full.

4. Differential vitality

Vibrant crabs indicate fresh and healthy. But one thing should be noted that many crabs on the market are tied up and sold. This is afraid that the crab activity consumes too much weight and leg loss. In this case, we only need to touch the crab eye gently u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; Vibrant crabs will quickly hide their outstanding eyes.

When to eat crab and crab yellow:

Folk proverbs u0026 ldquo; nine female ten male u0026 rdquo;. This is about the female crab hugging eggs in September. The crab is full of yellow crabs. In October, female crabs spawned, crab yellow decreased, while male gonads developed the best and most beautiful, yellow and white fresh fertilizer. Should eat male crab. Therefore, eating crabs in September of the lunar calendar is the most plump crab yellow.

Choose the crab with a lot of crab yellow, and introduce it here. If you want to eat more crab yellow, this still depends on time.

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