What is a nodule on the lungs

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1. What is the disease on the lungs?
Condition analysis:
Summaged nodules on the lungs can be inflammation, hyperplasia, or tumors. Strengthening CT is conducive to identifying and eliminating malignant tumors
Opinions: Small nodules on the lungs can be inflammation, hyperplasia, or tumors. Strengthening CT is conducive to identifying and eliminating malignant tumors
2. What to pay attention to in the lungs
Patients with a summary of the lungs should pay attention to regular hospitals in regular hospitals or follow -up, follow -up of the lung nodule if the lung nodules are followed by follow -up With the following changes, consider more benign pulmonary nodules: the external characteristics of the lesion in the short term are obvious, there is no leaf or a very depth leaf, the edges become light or blurred, and the density is uniform or fade. When the density does not increase, the lesion is reduced or disappeared. The lesion increases rapidly, and the increase time is less than 15 days. The solid nodule lesions are still stable for more than two years.
If the lung nodule has the following changes in follow -up, consider more vicious lung nodules: 1. Increased diameter, double time meets the rules of tumor growth; 2. Stable or enlarged the lesions and actual components; Third, the lesion is reduced, but the actual ingredients or the solid ingredients increase.
Prevention of disease, that is, we want to take some preventive measures before lung cancer. We call this type of measures as a first -level prevention. What are the first? The first one is to prohibit smoking and not sucking second -hand smoke. The second category is to try to reduce the inhalation of the air pollution and protect the environment; the third category is the prevention of the occupation. Wearing a mask to avoid some harm in the occupation; Prevent lung cancer.

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At present, there is a lung nodule. At this time, it is necessary to further investigate the nature of the specific nodules. According to the results of the inspection, further treatment is performed in targeted. Then it may be caused by inflammation, or it may be caused by tumors. Therefore, what you need to do at present still need to be combined and judged clinically.

Condition analysis: Pulmonary nodular disease was once known as sinoma, which is an unknown abnormal response disease. The pathological changes are changed to non -Qianqi granuloma, which can invade all organs of the whole body, but more accumulate lymph nodes, lung, liver, spleen, and skin, etc. Opinions: Suggestions: reasonable diet, rich nutrition, can be appropriately supplemented by some vitamins appropriately It contains high -quality protein foods. Sea cucumber or high -protein foods can be taken. Smoking, quitting alcohol or restricting drinking, reducing mental stress to maintain psychological balance.
3. What’s wrong with a summary of the lungs
1. You need to observe regularly. For tiny nodules, it is a nodule with a diameter of u003c5mm. You need to observe regularly. Early observation, it is recommended to conduct regular review for 3-6 months. After a regular review, if the nodules have not changed significantly, after three years of observation, it is recommended to conduct regular review for 6-12 months;
2. During the observation process, it was found that the nodules were significantly enlarged, or there were vicious performance. For example, there are obvious divisions, which are significantly increased in solid ingredients, or pleasant features such as pleural, etc. It is recommended to actively surgical treatment. At present, the surgical treatment of nodules is generally used in relatively large central hospitals. Therefore, the trauma is relatively small, the recovery after surgery is relatively fast, and the long -term prognosis effect is better. Like a summary cause of early lung cancer, the survival rate of five years in the long period, the total survival rate is relatively high, about 80%, especially the proliferation of adenoma -like adenoma -like hyperplasia. These five -year survival rate is relatively Higher, about 95%, or even 100%.

There are many kinds Chronic inflammation, tumors, etc. need further examination. Patients with a history of breast cancer should beware of whether breast cancer is metastasized to the lungs.
4. What are the reasons for a summary on the lungs

Condition analysis: Hello! There are small nodules on the lungs that can be seen in the old lesions that have been infected with tuberculosis, and can also be seen in diseases such as lung cancer and pneumoconiosis. Guidance: It is recommended to combine clinical manifestations and check with related laboratories such as chest X -ray, PPD tests, tumor logo testing, etc., to clear the diagnosis and conduct targeted treatment.

Hello, the lungs are
small nodules
, I am afraid it is due to
chronic pneumonia
Old lesions formed after the adverse reactions, or after the chronic tuberculosis recovered. No other discomfort or abnormal symptoms, temporarily
. Don’t worry
. Do a good job of daily tuning and regular review.

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