What is the best treatment for athlete?

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1. What medicine is the best effect for treating beater?
01. It is possible to use tender willow leaves for treatment. Many people do not know that willow leaves can also be used to treat foot athletes. In fact, the effect of treating the athletes with willow leaves is pretty good. To germinate, we can pick it up, and we must pick the particularly tender willow leaves, so that the effect will be better. We do n’t need to clean the willow leaves, rubbing the willow leaves into small pills, and then clamp these small pills directly into our toes. Usually, on the second day we can see the obvious effect.

02. Use white sugar to treat first. First of all, we need to wash our feet with warm water. After washing, we must dry all the water on the feet. Rubbing the foot of the foot repeatedly. Rough for about two or three minutes, wash it with water, or not wash it. You can see the significant effect in about 2 to 3 times.

03. This method is actually particularly simple to treat with peppercorns and salt water. We can take 10 grams of peppercorns, then take 20 grams of salt, put it in the pot together, and add an appropriate amount of water to cook. It does not need to be cooked too long, and the water temperature is about the range of acceptance of the human body. What needs to be done next is to use this pepper and salt to soak your feet. Soak for about 20 minutes every night. You can also see the effect for about a week.

04. This method is used to treat this method with leek water. In fact, it is similar to the treatment method of peppercorns and salt water. It is about half a catty of leeks, and then cut into a broken end in the pot. Add an appropriate amount of water to the basin, and then hear it directly, but you must boil the water to continue. Put the boiled leek water on the side to cool. Foot. Make about 20 minutes at a time, and you can also see the effect for a week.

Athletic is a common foot disease, which belongs to the category of skin diseases.

Most people do not care about the athletes of the athletes, and even tolerate it. I do n’t want to treat it in the past. The soap is wiped out. Of course, some small remedies are still effective for foot air, but unscientific and correct use still only temporarily ease, and the treatment effect is not available.

Treatment of athletes should be treated with comprehensive scientific treatment. It is implemented in accordance with a correct set of solutions.

Preventing athletes

The best way to treat the athletes is to prevent the athletes from occurring, prevent problems before they occur! Find the best way to treat athletes in one heart, do you have any product effect?Everyone varies, no absolute. So don’t look for the best and best treatment methods, but to learn to prevent entangled foot athletes.

Nursing maintenance feet

For students who already have athletes, care and maintenance are the key. Most of the products that treat the athletes are the nursing solution strictly. It is not the real medicine, but these are sufficient to the athletes, mainly to kill fungi and prevent re -of -crimes.

Fast -Effectth beriberi liquid

It has been thoroughly studied for beriberi medicine, which is caused by fungi, mold and other germs infection. Good prevention, prevent stubborn fungi from rearming, is like a tug -of -war. You need enough patience and endurance. After using the products that use fast -acting toes, you need to take precautions to prevent it.

Maintain a good foot environment

Why are the athletes criminal again? A big reason is that there is an environment that is suitable for fungal breeding. Washing the environment that is easy to breed fungi, the fungus becomes the source of the passive water without the root. Falling is inevitable. The socks are changed once a day, the shoes are drained once a day, the insoles are washed once a day, and the feet are soaked for a day. You did it, the feet breeding environment disappeared, and the athletes were unable to take root.

Control the incentive of the body

In addition to external reasons, internal factors are also an important factor in the flood of the athletes. Sweat sweat, especially the feet are particularly obvious. At the same time, students who have a history of beriberi should not eat pumpkin, melon, duck meat, eggs, coriander and other foods.

Bathing effective prevention

Traditional Chinese medicine soaking feet to keep healthy and anti -foot air. Now there are many foot bath shop repair shops. This is because everyone starts to pay attention to foot health. , Recognize the importance of health and health. Of course, it is best to use a combination of pills with a combination of Chinese medicine bags instead of putting some red flowers casually.

TCM Treatment of Athlete

Due to stubbornness and sterilization care methods, it is easy to re -of -crop. Ointment, stickers, etc. are also to repair damaged skin tissues for sterilization and anti -inflammatory. Finding a product of Chinese medicine to persist, the effect is still pretty good.

Western medical treatment of beriberi

Western medicine is fast. For the rapid itching and painful skin problems, Western medicine is a good choice. Generally, a cream paste is used. After the symptoms, the effect is quite obvious.

Dacinin is good,
Generally said that the athletes are foot fungal infections, and will not be controlled in time to spread to other parts. Antibacterial drugs are used outside the treatment. Waiting for a variety of, as long as you persist, the symptoms disappear and continue to use it for a week to maintain it. At the same time, keep the feet dry and clean, and the shoes should be breathable.
[Complete version]:
Athlete (foot odor) is due to the strong sweat glands of the body, and the sweat gland secretions produce odor under the decomposition of bacteria and mold. Sweating causes bacteria to breed easily, so the feet odor is often accompanied by polycogeneity.
Precautions for self -treatment:
Pay attention to cleaning, keep the skin dry, keep your feet clean, wash several times a day, and change socks.
Usually it is not suitable to wear non -breathable shoes such as sports shoes and tourism shoes, so as not to cause too much sweat and increase foot odor.
Actively eliminate the induction factors, such as sweat and ringworm.
Do not eat foods that are easy to cause sweating, such as peppers, raw onions, raw garlic, etc.
Emotions should be tranquil, and exciting can easily induce more sweat, aggravate foot odor
Except for the symptoms of this symptom.
Autonomous therapy:
Put your feet in hot water at 50-60 ° C several times, 15 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day.
Use heavy objects to flatten the loofah to make insoles, which can remove the foot odor caused by sweat.
15 grams of Pueraria, research into thinning, add 15 grams of liquor, add an appropriate amount of water, wash your feet after frying, once a day, after 1 week, you can remove the foot odor caused by the foot sweat. Essence
When washing your feet, add 10-15 ml of rice vinegar to the water. After mixing, soak your feet for about 15 minutes, once a day for 3-5 days in a row, and the foot odor can disappear.
When washing your feet, add 50 grams of alum to the hot water and soak for about 10 minutes to remove foot odor.
Medicine is usually divided into three types: erosion, blisters, and keratosis.
1. Erosion: It is better to occur between third and fourth, fourth and fifth toe. At the beginning, the toe is humid, immersed in white or small blisters. After drying and desquamation, the dandruff is peeled into a moist and red erosion surface.
2. Blossom type: It is better to occur in the feet. At the beginning, it is a small blister with full wall thickness. Consciousness itching, often caused by secondary infections, caused by secondary infections, and lymphaticitis.
3. Powardization: better on the heel. The main manifestations are thick and dry skin, keratosis, itching, and prone to cracks. This type has no blisters and purulence, the course is slow, and it has not healed for many years.
Medicine is usually divided into three types: erosion, blisters, and keratosis.
1. Erosion type: good at the third and fourth, fourth and fifth toebetween. At the beginning, the toe is humid, immersed in white or small blisters. After drying and desquamation, the dandruff is peeled into a moist and red erosion surface.
2. Blossom type: It is better to occur in the feet. At the beginning, it is a small blister with full wall thickness. Consciousness itching, often caused by secondary infections, caused by secondary infections, and lymphaticitis.
3. Powardization: better on the heel. The main manifestations are thick and dry skin, keratosis, itching, and prone to cracks. This type has no blisters and purulence, the course is slow, and it has not healed for many years.
1. Family medication
(1) erosion type: first use 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution or 0.1%Revail solution, and then apply dragon bile purple or athlete powder, 2 times a day, after the dry Outdoor qi or ringworm enemy ointment, twice a day.
(2) Blossy type: Soak the feet with hot water daily, and apply omol -cinerazoline potion or compound water salicylic acid. After the skin, apply qi or ringworm to the tinea.
(3) Powelized type: External use of compound benzozoic acid paste or externally alternative with compound water salicylic acid wine, once in the morning and evening. It is best to bandage with a plastic film after applying the medicine to immerse the drug into thick skin, which is convenient for thick skin.
(4) In recent years, the application of foot light powder has been used to treat various types of athletes. The curative effect is significant. It has worked 3 times a night. The specific usage can be seen.
2. Chinese medicine and recipes
(1) alum, cork, five times, and squid bones. Select an end -in -the -day backup, wash your feet and sprinkle on the affected area. Suitable for erosion.
(2) 30 grams each of Kitzon, White Mosshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhracisais, 15 grams each of the osteoplastics and curers, and washed 1-2 times a day. It has a good effect on the application of blisters or infections.
(3) 30 grams of white phoenix flower, 30 grams of saponin, 15 grams of peppercorns, optional — species, put in half a pound of vinegar, soak for one day, soak your feet for 20 minutes before going to bed every night. For 7 consecutive days, the diagonal type has a good effect.
3. Athlete is a infectious skin disease that should avoid scratching to prevent itself from infection and excitement. Washing pots and wiping towels should be used separately to avoid infection.
4. While medication, the shoes and socks worn by patients should be disinfected. It can be exposed to sunlight or washed in boiling water. It is best to dip the cloth with 10%Forma Famalin liquid into the shoes and put it in a plastic bag for 48 hours to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Spray is a product with a relatively large sales volume in the market. The advantages are mainly fast -effective, easy to use, and fast itching. The disadvantage is that it is mainly suitable for moderate patients. The fungal clearance is not thorough. The shortcoming cycle (generally 3-5 months) is affected by personal hygiene.

milk ointment ointment
ointment/ointment, the same spray is similar to the advantages and disadvantages, but the ointment is more uniform and thorough than the spray, but the effect of hidden fungal effects will be worse. Long (4-6 months) is affected by personal hygiene. Example: Dakin, Weiduning

Powder is the most thorough method to remove the athletes. It uses hot water to soak feet, more comprehensive sterilization, long recurrence cycle (6-12 months), affected by personal hygiene, but taboos More. Example: Red Box Foot Junqing, Foot Light Powder

The effective methods for treating the athletes are mostly used with each other. Full effect of powder, spray ointment assistance, and sterilization of spray sterilization for shoes and socks is the most suitable. It is also good for those with white vinegar to soak their feet with a slight foot.
2. What to treat the fastest therapy, the best! Intersection
Pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid spicy and irritating food. According to the above situation, the scrotal eczema is caused by itching of scrotum, or through trousers, etc. in the body, and it will be caused by a fungal infection. If the symptoms of fungal infections are not explained, it will be easily transmitted to others. Object moss 丨 Tsubaki 丨 frost, etc., with great practical value and effective. Pay attention to hygiene, drink plenty of water, do not eat spicy fried cold food

Tips: Clean ducks can be bought in the supermarket or vegetable market. Generally, the price is very cheap. Of course, you can also buy duck legs and duck wings. To do the roots, the taste is also very good. However, the temperature of the oven and baking time should be appropriately adjusted according to the weight of the duck. Each oven power is also different. It is recommended to observe it at any time when baking to avoid burnt. If it is Qing Li, the taste is sour, you need to use sugar, and the taste is better. If you use purple -red cooked plums, you can directly sliced u200bu200band match it. The color is also very beautiful; The roasting is to make the duck meat completely mature. The baking in the next 10 minutes makes the surface of the duck crispy, but the bottom must be matched with tin foil, otherwise the oil pollution on the baking sheet will be very difficult to clean; the modulation of traditional crispy water is honey and white vinegar. The proportion is about 2 parts of honey and 1 part of white vinegar. It should be noted that each time the skin must be done after the skin is completely dry. In particular, you must carefully apply the duck meat wrinkles, the side of the duck legs, and other parts. Ingredients: Duck half, 20ml of old sauce, 10 grams of pepper noodles, 5 grams of spiced powder, 4 sections of green onions, 4 slices of ginger, 8 grams of sugar, 5 grams of black pepper, 20ml of cooking wine; ;皮原料:蜂蜜20ml、白醋10ml;

做法:1、先將鴨子洗凈,稍稍晾干水分后,加入老抽、白糖、辣椒面、黑胡椒、五香粉、 Mix the wine and onion ginger together, marinate for 2 hours, or put it in a fresh -keeping bag, and put it in the refrigerator for a better taste;

2. After the duck is marinated, place it in a cool place, and place it in a cool place. Dry the juice water naturally, then mix well with honey and white vinegar, make crispy water, apply it evenly on the duck epidermis with a brush, and then dry it naturally. Remove the nucleus, add water and sugar in the wok, boil the sugar water with high heat, and then replace it with small and mediumFire, slowly boil the sugar water until the bubbles appear, put it in the plum, and turn it into a small heat until the syrup is boiled until thick, and the surface of the plums starts to be yellow; 4. After the duck is drained, Put the tin foil at the bottom, then put it in the oven, bake it with 220 degrees up and down for about 40 minutes, then replace it with 180 degrees, and bake for 10-15 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy.


Use the foot of the foot of the foot, and I also have a small recipe: it is to use the fresh tender willow leaves to sandwich in the toe seam at night, which is strange!
3. What treatment is better?
Dharma Dakin’s treatment is very effective. The athletes are mainly caused by fungi. Keep your feet hygienic and dry, and your athlete will not recur.

If you need to go to the dermatology department of the hospital when you are more serious, you can test the fungi. If the fungi is found (+), you can confirm the diagnosis. Pireno, Lan Meiosu, the effect is better. You can use phenolzole gel with external treatment. Oral and oral combination treatment is a complete treatment plan. At the same time, you can use 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution to soak your feet per day Pay attention to local hygiene, wear loose cotton cloth shoes, and regularly disinfect with 84 disinfection to prevent cross -infection. Treatment will slowly recover.

] Athletes are very common skin diseases, mainly caused by fungal infections. They are often accompanied by symptoms such as itching, peeling, blisters, erosion, and odor. Although the athlete is not a major disease, the pain brought to the patient is painful, but the pain brought to the patient Not light.
Solution: Pay attention to personal daily hygiene to avoid scratching the affected area, so as not to aggravate and cross -infection. Usually, shoe, socks and clothing should be washed separately, towels and slippers cannot be mixed with family members. Topical products should avoid using some hormone drugs. It is recommended to use Xuefukang, which is a pure Chinese medicine product. Depending on personal absorption and severity of the symptoms, it can be cured in one to two weeks. At present, a minority pharmacy of this product is available. According to the feedback of patients, there are direct -operated stores on Taobao. For this reason, I specially inspected that it was indeed a manufacturer’s direct store. You can try it for seven days and search for the Snowfukang enterprise store.
4. What is the best medicine for treating athletes?
Under the conditions of sweat, the bacteria on the feet have a large number of bacteria breeding and decomposing keratin, and they have a smell with urea and lactic acid in the sweat. Long -term development will develop into severe athletes.
Actively treating sweat is the key to cure healing. Foot sweat is actually very good. You can directly use Parouo’s sweat on your feet sweat. Spray it every night, and effectively solve the problem of sweat feet in one week. If the foot sweat is severe and severe the symptoms such as itching and ulceration, the ancient water of the ancient Fang Fangshui of Shanxintang needs to be treated quickly and effectively.
The most effective way to treat the athletes:
Patients with white vinegar to prevent beater and athlete disease, can be soaked in the affected part with cotton balls, relieve itching and sterilizationThere are slight peeling, apply for half a month without committing, and then apply it again.
2. Pour the bottle beer into the basin in the beer. Soak 1-2 times a week.
3. Potassium permanganate water soaked with potassium permanganate to soak the feet with potassium permanganate, soak once a month, but no longer recur. Method: Put two grains (Xiaomi grain size) potassium permanganate with half a pot of warm water. The water is pink and soaked in both feet for three or five minutes.
4. Yellow essence, vinegar and cure of 250 grams of yellow essence, 2,000 grams of vinegar, all poured in the enamel basin, soaked in 3 days and 3 nights (without heating, no water), and stretched the affected feet into the basin. The first time for 3 hours, the second time for 2 hours, and an hour for the third time. Soak for 3 nights.
5. Wet wet pain and creamy cure of foot odor, and two photos are pasted on the feet and feet. After 24 hours, the foot odor can disappear.
6. Leek cure the athletes of the leege, 250 grams of washed, cut into the pot and put it in the pot, and rinse the boiling water. When you cool to the feet, soak your feet for half an hour, the amount of water should not be over the feet, and you can rub with your feet at the same time. Wash it again a week, the effect is very good.
7. Aloe vera cure the athlete summer, rub the leaf juice with aloe leaves to squeeze the feet, and air dry naturally.
8. The noodles are sweating in the summer, and it is prone to suffering from athletes. Before going to bed at night, use a tablespoon of the noodles (that is, the noodles for steamed buns). After the warm water melts, soak the feet into the water in the water for about 30 minutes.
9. 10 grams of peppercorns and peppercorns of pepper pepper and 20 grams of salt. Add it to the water and cook them slightly. When the temperature does not burn the feet, soak it. Soak for 20 minutes per night. It can be cured for a week. The use of peppercorns and salt water can be used continuously after heating the next day. Those who have been infected with ulcers are used with caution.
10. The pear skin can be cut off the pear skin and wipe it directly to the athlete.

The treatment method of athletes is to use some antifungal, anti -inflammatory, anti -itching drugs. If it is more serious, infusion or surgery needs to be performed. It has a certain amount of infectiousness. It is mainly caused by fungal infections. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of isolation and hygiene, wear loose and breathable shoes, and do not eat cucumber in diet. Spicy and irritating food.
Athletic is a skin disease caused by fungal infection. The treatment of this disease is also relatively single, mainly for the treatment of pathogenic fungi. It is recommended to go to the dermatology department of the hospital. Under the guidance of a doctor, some antifungal preparations are used, and some antifungal drugs are taken in the short term for symptomatic treatment. You must pay attention to hygiene. Usually pay attention to wash your feet frequently and avoid sweating. It is best to use boiling water and wash it.
Athletes are clinically called ringworm. Generally, the clinical symptoms are itching to the toe. At the same time, the skin of the feet may have broken skin. It is usually accompanied by purulent, redness, and swelling.Symptoms such as pain. Some patients with ringworm will have blisters on the skin of the feet, and blisters may break and cause infection.
The athletes are divided into blisters, erosion and scales, and the blisters will have blisters between toes. The content is clear and itchy. The erosion type is the long -term fluid infiltration of the local stratum corneum. Accompanied by dandruff off, it is accompanied by erosion; the local sebum is thickened and dropped several times.
Symptoms of long bells will have blisters and peeling. In severe cases, there will be erosion. At the beginning of the athlete, some of the sizes scattered or in groups of blisters were not easy to break at the beginning. After that, the skin on the blister began to fall off, but the blisters would continue to grow, and more and more.
Suggestions: The athletes are infectious, so you must clean your hands carefully after washing your feet. You can change your socks and choose shoes with strong breathability.

Athlete is athletes, which can be divided into blisters, erosion, and scales keratinized clinically.

For the treatment of ringworm, different treatments should be selected according to different types. If there are erosion and seepage between the toes, you cannot use the medicine with strong irritation, it is best to converge and dry the wound before taking the medicine. You can use potassium permanganate solution to wet it. After the rash is dry, use antifungal external ointment.

If the skin keratosis is severe and the antifungal drugs are difficult to penetrate and absorb, you can use 10%salicylic acid ointment or compound benzoic acid ointment to soften the keratin, and then use antiferial drugs.

If a bacterial infection is combined, antibacterial drugs should be used for external infection.
When there is no contraindications for stubborn foot ringworm, antifungal drugs can be taken orally, such as Terbicin, hexzole, fluoronazole, but pay attention to the adverse reactions of the drug and monitor the liver function. Because the metabolic cycle of the skin is about 28 days, the medication needs to be adhered to above the four weeks. It is best to perform fungal examination and cultivation. It is negative for three consecutive weeks to be cured.

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