What is the cause of acne repeatedly?

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1. What is the cause of acne repeated length
What is the reason for the repeated length of acne? How to treat? If you are adolescent acne, the hormones in the body are imbalanced. When adolescence passes, it can improve.

If your acne is repeated, it should be better to go to the hospital to find a professional physician to condition internally and outside, and the specimen is cured, so that it will be treated, and it will not be easy to recur again. It’s right.

Acne is repeated, which may be repeated attacks on the face. It may be due to the disorders of the patient’s endocrine function. It can be appropriately used for external drugs to control local conditions to cause pathogenic infections, such as clinomycin gel.

Acne is prone to repeated occurrences caused by the clogging of the skin pores, and the sebum secretion and excretion are blocked. In addition to the cause of pores, it is also closely related to the patient’s living habits and endocrine. For example, if female patients repeat acne, they can be related to the menstrual cycle; bad living habits, such as patients who do not pay attention to diet, do not get good rest, smoke, drink, etc. can cause repeated acne.
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2. Acne always grows repeatedly! What should I do?
1. Be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the face, and use some clean facial cleanser. After washing your face, you must wipe the cream to moisturize. There is a reason for the skin oil. Water is short of water, so be sure to make moisturizing and hydrating.
2. Do not touch with acne. Many bacteria on your hands are prone to infection. If you want to squeeze out the pus in the acne, use a needle that specializes in acne, and you can use it after disinfection. Pay attention to anti -inflammatory after the acne is raised.
3. Do not stay up late. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and try to eat less spicy and irritating food. Do not blindly apply acne products on your face. It is very hurt to the skin. It is also very dependent or side effects.
Laser acne eliminating hidden dangers
At present, laser acne is a very ideal method. Laser is used for acne to remove acne. It is a laser with a specific wavelength. The various bacteria of acne have strong effects, so that the newly -born small acne retreats in time.
Laser can effectively stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen, so that the uneven marks left after the acne reconcilities are restored, and the laser grinding effect is added without any pain. Therefore, the effect of acne removal will not leave acne scars, which can restore the skin and smoothness of the skin, so that the skin is elastic.

What should I do if the acne is repeated, what should I do if the acne is repeatedly repeated? There must be a reason for the repeated acne. First of all, the reasons for repeated acne are to be removed. If it is blindThe type of applying some ointment or drinking Chinese medicine will only be counterproductive, but it will promote the skin of acne more seriously.

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