What is the effect of brushing your teeth on the correct method of brushing your teeth?

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Brushing your teeth, one thing you must do every morning, brushing your teeth is also super particular. If you do n’t brush well, your teeth are black. Let ’s take a look at the correct way to brush your teeth? What is the impact of hot water brushing on the teeth:

The correct method of brushing your teeth:

Brush your teeth once a day in the morning and evening. If you need it, you can add it once, and the brushing time is maintained at about 3 minutes. When brushing up the teeth, from top to bottom, when brushing the teeth, the bottom of the bristles and the long shaft of the teeth are 45 u0026 deg;, the short -distance water trembic trembling brushes to ensure that all parts of the teeth can be fully cleaned.

1. Persist in brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and pay attention to the time of brushing your teeth less than 3 minutes.

2. It is best not to brush the teeth in a horizontal brushing method. Careful brushing the plaque parts of the plaque, because the oral structure is more complicated, brushing the teeth to each side of the teeth, that is, outside, inside, inside, inside, inside Facial and maxillofacial, along the tooth gap (vertical brush). Those with conditions can also use an electric toothbrush to better clean the teeth.

3. Wash does not need to be used every day, especially when there is oral inflammation, mouthwash can not replace the effect of brushing, and brushing your teeth carefully every day is the best method of oral health care.

What is the impact of hot water brushing your teeth:

Hot water refers to water above 50 degrees Celsius. Such a water temperature will stimulate the oral mucosa, especially the population of mucous membrane injuries; The hot water brushing the teeth stimulates the teeth and gum structure, which causes the gum blood vessels to expand, and the gums are more prone to damage and bleeding.

Brushing your teeth is also a good way to brush your teeth. First of all, you must master the correct method of brushing your teeth. It still uses warm water to brush your teeth. The hot water is too hot to hurt the human body.

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