What kind of fruits to eat for pregnant women’s hemorrhoids are conducive to assisted treatment

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Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids are accidentally suffered from many mothers, because pregnant women are special and are easily entangled with large and small problems. Hemorrhoids of pregnant women can be relieved by diet, but cure need surgery. What kind of fruit is the best fruit for pregnant women? Let ’s take a look at the editor below.

What fruits to eat for pregnant women hemorrhoids:

1. Banana

Everyone knows that banana is a laxative fruit and the ideal of pregnant women fruit. Banana is sweet and cold, which is suitable for pregnant women who are more heated due to hemorrhoids. Bananas are hot and intestine, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, suitable for pregnant women who are restless with hemorrhoid bleeding, and restless fetal movement due to dryness.

Recommended how to eat: raw banana meat.

Note: Pregnant women with spleen deficiency and diarrhea should not be eaten.

2. persimmons

persimmons are also sweet fruits, so it is also suitable for pregnant women, especially pregnant women with hemorrhoids.

persimmons are rich in food fiber, which can play a role of laxative intestines and effectively alleviate the symptoms of dry stool, pain in hemorrhoids, or bleeding.

Recommended how to eat: The tender leaves of persimmons are dried into persimmon tea. Drinking appropriate amount of daily during pregnant women is very effective for hemorrhoid bleeding.

Note: Pregnant women with low gastric function, cough with cold and cold, and weakness are not suitable for consumption.

3. Pear

It is very good to eat hemorrhoids for pregnant women, because pears have the effects of clearing heat and drying, anti -inflammatory and analgesics, which can effectively relieve the pain of hemorrhoids and improve hemorrhoid bleeding.

In addition to the treatment of pregnant women’s hemorrhoids, pears can also diuretic, lower blood pressure, cough and expectorant, and effectively prevent lung disease. It is one of the fruits that pregnant women cannot lack.

Recommended method of eating: Sydney stewed fig

Note: Pregnant women with cold spleen and stomach deficiency should not be eaten. #P#副#E#

4. Figs

Whether it is fresh or figs or dried figs, it is very nutritious. Consumption without fruit.

Figs are rich in nutrients such as trace elements, vitamins, amino acids such as vitamins, amino acids such as a variety of human body, and have the effects of strengthening the stomach and clearing intestines, swelling and detoxifying. For pregnant women with hemorrhoid constipation, bleeding, anus, and severe pain, it is u0026 ldquo; life -saving medicine u0026 rdquo;.

Recommended how to eat:: Eat fresh figs or use ten dried fruits, pork large intestines, decoction.

Note: Pregnant women with diarrhea cannot be eaten.

5. Apple

Apple has a mild taste, rich nutrition and perfect, almost noSome people are not suitable for eating.Moreover, the polyphenols and flavonoids in the apple are natural chemical antioxidant substances and a large amount of crude fiber, which can effectively prevent constipation. For pregnant women with hemorrhoids, they must be eaten.

Recommended how to eat: eat raw or stew.

Note: Before eating or stewed, it is best to clean the apple in cold water.In order to prevent the flesh from being exposed to the air, it should be eaten or cooked quickly.

6. Strawberry

Strawberry is sweet and cold. It contains a large amount of pectin and cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion and improve constipation, and effectively prevent hemorrhoids and bowel cancer.Therefore, pregnant women should eat strawberries after hemorrhoids, which can effectively relieve the troubles brought by hemorrhoids.

Recommended how to eat: Eat raw or make strawberry juice

Note: Pregnant women should consume strawberries after meals, wind, hot cough, and swelling of the throat should not eat.

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