What kind of vegetables are vegetables with spleen noodles

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1, what are the vegetables of the stomach, which vegetables are stomach, what vegetables are stomach
Those who have a bad stomach, the food intake is difficult to digest, so the physical physique is not very good. If you want to nourish the stomach, you are taking things is the most cold, exciting food, your stomach is not good, try the sweet potato, Pumpkins and cabbage, etc. These vegetables are the best stomach dishes. Everyone can use the potato and eggs to replace the crude rice noodles.
The food of the potatoes contains rich minerals such as B vitamins and potassium and magnesium. In autumn, you can often eat some vegetables such as hills, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., which can be used as alternatives to a crimp. It is also known that the fatty acid content of eggs is very high, and it is also a food that is supplemented by autumn. In addition, it is worth reminding everyone that the body is thin, anemia, low blood pressure, the autumn is best to eat more beef, lamb and animal internal organs, and equipped with enough staple food, so more health, but also improve the cold ability. . Sweet potato
The sweet potato itself has the effect of nourishing the stomach. However, sweet potato can promote the secretion of gastric acid, so there is too much stomach acid, often feel anticony, and people who are burning should not eat. I usually eat some sweet potato porridge, and the steamed sweet potato is a good choice. I suggest you, it is best not to eat roasted sweet potatoes on the roadside, because the roasting sweet potato is easy, and the sanitary conditions are not guaranteed.
Cabbage protects the stomach mucosa
Cabbage is known as the natural “stomach”, with the effect of surviving to the digestion, and can also promote the secretion of gastric bars and protect the gastric mucosa. People with bad stomach, especially those with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, can drink cabbage, a cup of honey, can add appropriate amount of honey to promote ulcers, and have a good help. In addition, the stomach is the most afraid of cold, usually do some outdoor sports, such as the soothing exercise such as playing Tai Chi, walking, jogging, these sports can promote blood circulation, so that the whole body is warm, and the stomach is also Very good.
Pumpkin finely absorbed
Many people like to eat pumpkins very much, especially the elderly and children like this look Huang Chengcheng, eat soft and soft pumpkins. Xiaobian’s favorite thing is pumpkin paste and pumpkin pie. Its taste super rod. Pumpkins have a good nourishing effect, which contains rich carbohydrates, pectin can protect the stomach from stimulation, and the dietary fibers containing it are very fine, so it is easy to be harder to be harder to be hardened by human body. Pumpkin porridge, fried pumpkins, steamed pumpkins are all common stomach cuisine on many family dining tables. The crowd of high blood sugar can choose to eat steamed potato. Eat beef mutton
Many women are used to weight loss in summer, eat more vegetarian food throughout the summer, and eat animal foods such as pig beef, so it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia. After entering the autumn, these spleen and stomach deficiency, the privacy of these spleen and stomach, the focus of “post-autumn” is to eat some temperature beef, mutton, lean meat, take this improvement, warm gas, and help AtIron

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What can I eat?

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It is called natural “stomach”, three kinds of vegetables often eat, repair gastric mucosa, gastrointestinal health

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3 kinds of winter strongest vegetables, kidney, protect liver, nourish the stomach, change your body

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