What kind of water is good for brushing your teeth, it is better to use hot water or cold water

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Tooth, you can see it with a mouthful. The mouth is used to speak. You can see your teeth. A mouthful of white teeth can make you confident. Let’s take a look at what water is good for brushing your teeth? Whether brushing with hot water or cold water:

What water is good for brushing:

The warm water with 35-36.5 degrees is best.

Medical survey of the dental ecology shows that human teeth can perform normal metabolism at the temperature of 35-36.5 degrees Celsius. Warm water around 35 ° C is a benign oral protective agent. Using such a water mouth will make people produce a refreshing and comfortable taste.

Because the main ingredients in toothpaste are friction agents and fluoride, the best temperature for these effective ingredients to play is about 35 ° C. If cold water is used, it will not only cause the teeth sore tooth -sensitive people, but also not conducive to the active activity of effective substances in toothpaste. Therefore, it is right to brush your teeth with warm water, especially in winter, you need to brush your teeth with warm water to avoid causing dental sensitivity. The temperature of warm water is suitable for 35-36.5 degrees near the body temperature. #P#副#E#

Brush the teeth with hot water or cold water:

Too cold and hot water is not good for teeth. It is best to brush your teeth with warm water when brushing your teeth.

Brushing water is too hot or too cold, it will stimulate the mouth and teeth. It is best to choose warm water with about 36 degrees Celsius and close to body temperature. Such a water temperature is more conducive to the protection and cleaning of the oral cavity.

It is better to use warm water to brush your teeth.

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