What should I do if the seaweed is softened? What should I do?

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Sea moss, this is what many people like to eat, but the seaweed they bought is soft, and they are unhappy at all. Let’s see if the seaweed becomes softened? What to do if the seaweed becomes softened:

Is the seaweed softened and can it be eaten?:

The softening of the seaweed is mainly a wave, you can eat it. It’s just a bad taste.

If the taste of the seaweed does not change, it can only be softened. This is only because of the moisture. If the taste of the seaweed changes, it is deteriorated and cannot be eaten.

What should I do if the seaweed is tide:

1. Bake in the wok

If it is not too tide, try it in the wok Bake the fire.

2. Bake in the oven

or bake it in the oven slightly. It will become crispy.

3. Bake the microwave oven

You can put the moisture into the microwave oven, use a small power microwave, 1 minute. However, you ca n’t put it all at once. Do n’t fold it together. Put it in a few pieces at a time. Pay attention to the firepower of the microwave oven. If you accidentally bake it!

4, sunlight sun exposure

Laure the moisture on the balcony and let the sun exposure for half an hour.

5. Make a cold noodle

Cut the seaweed with scissors into strips and make cold noodles.

6. Make dumplings

Cut seaweed into the dumplings stuffing, which has a fresh effect.

7. Make soup

The moisture of the sea moss can be used for seaweed egg soup, and it tastes good.

8. You can eat fried rice

Add the leftovers with salt, put it in the broken seaweed, and finally add some pine nuts or corn kernels.

9. Make sushi

When making sushi yourself, you can also use it to wrap rice.

It can be eaten when the seaweed becomes softened, but this mouth is not good. This seaweed is softened and there is a way to make seaweed hard. Hurry up and try.

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