What to do with the effect and effect of eating peppercorns and nipples?

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Speaking of this peppercorns, in the kitchen, this is very common. This is a very good seasoning. Let’s take a look at what should I do if I eat peppercorns? What are the effects and effects of peppercorns? Do you eat peppercorns and milk:

What to do if you eat peppercorns:

1. Put the appropriate amount of tea in the mouth and chew for a while, just spit mouthwash.

2. Drink vinegar (don’t drink too much), because the ancients said that it was sour.

3. Drinking a little more warm water can reduce the hemp.

The efficacy and role of peppercorns:

1. Increase appetite

The smell of the peppercorns can be except the smell of all kinds of meat, which can promote saliva secretion, increase increase appetite.

2. Blood pressure

Some studies have found that peppercorns can expand blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure.

3. Dedicide

Take the pepper water to remove the parasite.

4. Food anti -insects

The food stored was crooked. Put dozens of peppercorns with cloth bags, and the worm will run or die by itself.

5. Oil fat prevention u0026 ldquo; Hawei u0026 rdquo;

Putting an appropriate amount of peppercorns in the oil can prevent the fat from becoming the taste.

6. Cabaine -proof ants

Put dozens of pepper pepper in the cabinet, and the ants dare not go in.

7. Food Flying

Put some peppercorns next to the food and meat, the flies will not climb.

8. Boiling oil and anti -overflow

When fried food, if the oil is hot to the boiling point, it will overflow from the pot, but if you put a few peppercorns, the boiling oil will immediately disappear immediately fall.

9. Anti -toothache

If it is a toothache caused by hot and cold food, put a grain of pepper on the teeth of the pain, the pain will disappear slowly.

Will you return milk when eating peppercorns:

Pepper has the effect of returning milk. After weaning, use peppercorns and red grains to return milk. It should be fine.

The treatment method of eating peppercorns is introduced here, and peppercorns have the effect of returning milk. If you don’t plan to yogurt, you must eat less.

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