What will happen to how long the seaweed is eating too much?

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Speaking of this seaweed, many people like to eat very much. They eat in their mouths. The taste is really super good. Let’s see what will happen to the seaweed to eat too much? How long is the shelf life of seaweed:

What will happen if you eat too much seaweed:

The nutrition of the seaweed itself is very high, and it is called u0026 ldquo; vitamin’s treasure house u0026 rdquo;. The fat content of seaweed is relatively low, accounting for only 1%to 2%of all nutrients, but the content of unsaturated fatty acid EPA that is conducive to the development of the nervous system accounts for 52%. And vitamin, long -term consumption of seaweed can improve microcirculation, enhance immunity, delay aging, and reduce the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

On the surface, the nutrition of seaweed is very high, which can make up for the lack of iodine, iron, and zinc in the teenagers, but many seaweed products can directly see seasoning such as salt These condiments make seaweed very salty.

Eating too much food for children will allow children to develop bad eating habits. Children’s eating habits are cultivated from an early age. If you start eating such foods with heavy taste prematurely, they will accompany the child’s life. And we all know that excessive salt intake can cause hypertension and related diseases.

Sea moss contains high iodine, and eating a small amount of seaweed can play a role in supplementing iodine. Because my country is currently widely promoted iodized u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; that is, iodine is strengthened among all salt, but because some people also eat large amounts of iodine -rich foods such as kelp, sea shrimp, sea fish, Iodine intake. The worldwide survey found that although the problem of iodine deficiency in the general people’s general iodine is corrected, some people have taken the incidence of hyperthyroidism due to excessive intake of iodine. Therefore, if the children are eaten as snacks without restrictions, it is easy to cause excessive iodine intake of trace element, thereby inducing the occurrence of hyperthyroidism and other related diseases. So children should be cautious when eating seaweed. In addition, those who have high blood pressure should not eat often, remember to drink water after eating.

How long is the shelf life of seaweed:

Generally 12 months! Unless you are still in the sea, you can’t deteriorate!

The shelf life of seaweed is generally one year, and the seaweed should not eat too much. It is really reversed.

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