When should I choose to be available for pineapple?

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Jackfruit is a fruit that can not only supplement the vitamins needed by the human body, but also have unexpected effects. So when will the jackfruit be available?

When will the jackfruit be available:

Jackfruit is the heaviest fruit in the world, usually bloom from 2 to March, 9 ~ October mature listing, the epidermis is yellow -brown when the fruit matures, the surface is tumor -like convex and coarse hair. The single fruit is generally weighing 5-20 kg, and the heavier is more than 59 kg. Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places are widely cultivated, and Nepal, India, Si Jin, Bhutan, and Malaysia are also cultivated.

How much is Jilin:

The market price of jackfruit is about 4-5 yuan per catty (5-20 kg of jackfruit, the most heavier exceeds the heavier, the heavier than the heavier exceeds 59 kg), the price of the dried jackfruit is about 40-50 yuan per catty. In fact, the main factor affecting the price of pineapple is sales and time. If it is purchased in Hainan, it must be cheap, but it will be expensive when it is out of Hainan, and the more expensive the price is going north. At the same time, the price will be much cheaper when the jackfruit is listed in large quantities.

How to buy jackfruit:

1. Color: Mature jackfruit is generally golden yellow. Bring a little green. Blue green is the color of jackfruit. When the mature season is basically unchanged, the color will slowly become golden. But it is not that the jackfruit that is not golden yellow cannot be bought. The green green jackfruit can also be purchased. After buying it back, it will slowly become mature and yellow.

2. Out skin: The excellent jackfruit outer skin is intact, with a lot of pointed u0026 ldquo; small nails u0026 rdquo; or u0026 ldquo; thorns u0026 rdquo; At the point. The outer belt is a little black dot. This is normal and the normal phenomenon of mature pineapple. But if these small black spots are very large or connected into black, be careful at this time. Pay attention to the black places rotten. If it is rotten, deal with it carefully.

3. Size: The size of jackfruit is not reference, because the size of jackfruit is not uniform, and the size is no problem. At this time, the size of the u0026 ldquo; nail u0026 rdquo; Jet jackfruit is still in the growth period, its epidermis u0026 ldquo; nail u0026 rdquo; will be sharp, because it is a growth trend. During the mature period of jackfruit, its epidermis u0026 ldquo; nail u0026 rdquo; it will be relatively low -key and conservative, soft, but generally u0026 ldquo; nails u0026 rdquo;

4. Smell: After the jackfruit is mature, there will be a strong aroma, and the skin will have a little cracking, the cracked place, and the aroma is more intense.

5. Try to eat: The taste of jackfruit is benevolent, but if you find that it is rotten inside after cutting, you should treat it carefully and stop eating if necessary.

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