Why can’t mango eat more a day?

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Mango, this is what many people like to eat, especially the kind of big mango. The flesh is much super. It is really delicious. As a result, I ca n’t control my mouth. Intersection How much is appropriate to eat mango a day:

Why can’t mango eat more:

1. High sugar content in mango, if sugar cannot be broken in time, it will cause fire

2. Eating too much mango will cause abdominal distension due to poor digestion. Therefore, the elderly and children with poor gastrointestinal function are not suitable for eating cold fruits.

Children 3 or 4 years old will have indigestion and bloating when they eat too much. The relief method is to apply hot compresses.

4. The nature of mango is wet poison, so friends with skin diseases and tumors must be careful not to eat more mango.

How much mango is suitable for a day:

There is no specific amount of appropriate amount, you must eat mango reasonably according to your physical condition, and try not to eat too much, because mango belongs to tropical fruits, compare Wet and humid, especially the baby should eat less. Eat at most. It is best to cut the mango into a diced baby, because it is not easy to contact the lips to reduce allergies.

The mango flesh is golden and sweet, with seductive aroma and stomach vomiting. Pigyal cure can cure eczema dermatitis. But don’t eat with spicy things, eating more is harmful to people’s kidneys.

How to eat mango:

The first one can peel the skin first, and then eat the meat inside.

The second type can be cut off the skin, cut the meat into small pieces, put it in a plate, and stick to sugar.

The third way to eat is to cut the mango into two petals with a knife, remove the shell inside, and cut the two -petal mango meat with a knife with a knife, cut a few knives, let its flesh stand for its meat Cut them into small squares, then sprinkle with sugar, pick up a flap mango, turn the mango with both hands, and turn the mango meat into small squares one by one

Mango can not eat more The reason and the daily food volume is introduced here. The mango is delicious, but it is still not good to eat, so as not to endanger health.

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