Why do bayberry soak in salt water?

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Yangmei, this is delicious, but Yang Mei is not easy to wash, because the surface of Yang Mei is uneven. Let’s see why Yangmei uses salt water? How long should bayberry use salt water:

Why bayberry use salt water:

Bayee is mainly expelled from the bugs in the bayberry with saline.

Yangmei has no peel, the flesh is directly exposed, and the bayberry is very high. The sweetness and fruit of bayberry will attract a lot of bugs u0026 ldquo; After soaking with salt water for a while, the worm can be soaked.

How long will bayberry use salt water:

Before soaking with bayberry, clean the bayberry with water, and then soak in salt water for 20-30 minutes. After soaking, it is necessary to rinse it with the situation to eat.

What should bayberry be paid attention to with salt water:

1. When bayberry is soaked in salt water, it can be stirred for a while, so that salt water can fully contact the entire surface of Yang Mei, which can help as soon as possible as soon as possible as soon as possible as soon as possible Drive the bugs out of the bayon.

2. Do not place bayberry directly in the refrigerator, because the low -temperature environment in the refrigerator will cause the insects in the bayberry to die, and even if the salt water is soaked in the back, the bug cannot be driven out.

The effect of bayberry with salt water is introduced here, and you must clean it to eat bayberry.

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