Will blood donation affect menstrual delay?

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Blood donation, this is done by many people, and blood donation is equivalent to doing good things! Let’s see if blood donation will affect menstruation delay? How to regulate blood dedication:

Will blood donation affect menstrual delay:

Blood donation will not cause irregular menstruation. However, it is normal for the early stage to donate blood.

Women’s menstruation is mainly regulated by the endocrine system, and blood donation will not change the related functions of the endocrine system. Some women have irregular menstrual cycles after blood donation. But in fact, there are very few blood donors in this situation, and most of them are caused by psychological factors.

If the blood donation before menstruation may affect the period of menstruation, because blood loss causes anemia to cause short -term menstruation symptoms, delayed menstruation and blood donation. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition to restore to restore nutritional recovery to restore nutritional recovery to restore nutritional recovery after resting nutritional nutrition. Normal.

How to regulate menstruation after blood donation:

1. Eat more dishes with decompression effects

, Ham, corn, tomatoes, etc.

2. Eat more foods containing iron and nourishment

If women’s bodies are in a malnutrition state, it is also easy to cause irregular menstruation. , Avoid excessive weight loss, add enough iron to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

3. Relieve mental stress

You can engage in some systemic movements, such as swimming, running, one or twice a week for 30 minutes each time.

4. Cold anti -warmth and warm cold

Women’s menstrual period will be cold, which will cause blood vessels in the pelvic cavity, leading to disorders of ovarian function, which can cause too little menstrual flow or even amenorrhea.

5. Adjust your mentality

Some patients with irregular menstruation are caused by mental setbacks or stress, so it is very important to maintain a good mentality.

6. Maintain good living habits

Female friends should avoid staying up late, overwork, irregular life, etc. These problems will cause irregular menstruation. Therefore, it is also important to maintain a good habits.

Blood donation will not cause menstruation to delay, but do not choose three days after menstruation and menstruation, and quickly come to make up for your body after blood donation.

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