Barracuda crab

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Nourishing yin nourishing blood and nourishing blood, detoxifying the treatment of blood, blood dry menstrual eulsion joint sprains, suitable crowd: the general population is edible. Suitable [Broken damage, tendon breaks, blood stasis and bleeding and pain, maternal placenta residue, pregnant women’s production array of weakness, fetal fetuses are delayed], especially crab claws.

Taboo crowd: Putterity [spleen and stomach deficiency, cold stool, faint abdominal pain, cold cold and cold, staying with wind disease, stubborn skin itching] Diseases avoid food; Pregnant woman] Avoid eating, especially to eat crab claws.

Materials needed for barracuda crab 3 ginger slices of 3 ginger slices of garlic, a little oil, a little salt 2 small spoon of cooking wine, a little fuel crab. It tastes fresh

2 Wash the crab with a brush, cut 2 half

3 Pour a little oil in the pot, the crab incision faces down, add ginger slices and garlic pieces

4 Put salt, cooking wine and oil consumption

5 Pour a little water and boil

6 to become red for the shell.

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