Beijing snack sugar burning

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Spleen, spleen, spleen, blood nourishing blood, nourishing blood, nourishing qi, qi, qi, qi, gastrointestinal enhancement, memory, nourishing yin and nourishing yin. Constipation] Patients eat.

Taboo crowd: [Severe obesity] Those who should not eat sesame sauce.

Beijing snack sugar fire burning materials required for ordinary flour 250 grams of sesame sauce 200 grams of brown sugar 200 grams of yeast powder 5 grams of warm water (appropriate amount) 250 grams of Beijing snack sugar burning practice steps [123 ] 1 Prepare the ingredients for reinseptive use

2 flour into the pot and put in warm water and noodles in the potter

] 3 It is enough to reach the pot of light (the softer noodles is the same as the flat pancake noodles) Cover the wet cloth for half an hour

4 Dry the noodle rod

Put in the pot and add sesame sauce

6 stir even

7 Sugar Put on the panel

8 Put a thin layer of thin sesame oil with a thin point of the noodles [ 123]

9 Then wipe well and adjust the hemp sauce

10 Most out of the layer

11 揪 揪 出 出 出

12 takes one face and squeeze first, open and overlap, overlap and overlap in Together

13, then rub the round surface squeeze

Put on the baking tray, leave the gap

15 Give it to the top heat 160 -degree oven, bake up and down the middle layer for 25 minutes


17 layers of layers, soft and delicious, eat old flavor

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