Cripladine Cucurient Cake

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Anti -cancer, anti -cancer, beauty, fertilizer and fertilizer are suitable for people: the general population is edible. It is especially suitable for patients with [diabetes, edema and abdominal distension].

Taboo crowds: [spleen and stomach deficiency] people eat carefully.

The material required for the cucurbiting cucumber cakes of the fried zucchini cucumber half an egg with a amount of flour, a small spoon of salt, the appropriate amount of red pepper (decorative) a small piece of green onion leaf (decorative) a small section of pan -fried zucchini Detailed explanation of the cake method 1 ingredients required! Zucchini (washed), one egg, a little flour

2 Zucchini cut into half, cut into almost three mm thick pieces

3 cut slices, sprinkle the flour, can be stained on both sides

4 eggs into the bowl, the egg liquid is evenly hit [ 123]

5 Put a small spoon of spiced powder and an appropriate amount of salt

6 draws or electric biscuits. 123]

7 Cucurlings that have been dipped in flour are placed in the bowl wrapped in egg liquid

8 A red prepared by the red Pepper and onion leaves

9 red peppers are cut into thin strips, shallots are cut off (about three centimeters)

10 Red Cut the pepper strip into a diamond -shaped small diced, cut the shallots into small shreds

11 cashmere pieces wrapped in egg liquid in the pot (the pot is temporarily not heated) [123 ]

12 according to the red pepper and green onion leaves on the picture, it can also be made into something else, but this is the simplest, haha u200bu200b…
[ 123]

13 embellishment, heat the pot, fry the heat for three minutes, don’t turn it over

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