Fine bean roasted salt meat

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Enhance the appetite, iron, beauty, weight loss, blood lipids to prevent osteoporosis, promote metabolism suitable people: the general population is edible, [abdominal distension, stomach discomfort] The crowd is easy to eat.

Taboo crowds: [Children, uremia] Patients should not eat, and those who have [allergies] should not eat more.

Materials required for edamame bean -roasted meat 300g of salt 2 pieces of red pepper 1 amount of oil 1 oily salt, appropriate amount of onion ginger, mosquito roasted salt, salt 1 Prepare ingredients

2 Plug -of -meat, red pepper, and dried beans into diced; chopped onion ginger and garlic!

3 Put a little bottom oil and stir -fried garlic ginger, stir -fry the bacon for a while!

4 Pour in the edamame, dried beans, red pepper for stir fry, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce to taste!Sprinkle the appropriate amount of salt according to the taste, sprinkle the green onion before the pan!

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