Fried squid rural

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Nourishing the stomach, healthy stomach, nourishing the liver, nourishing qi, nourishing qi, nourishing yin, yin, good crowd: the general population is edible.It is especially suitable for patients with osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, irregular menstruation].

Taboo crowds: [hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterol, arteriosclerosis, liver disease] patients with caution.

The material required for the ingredients required by the fried squid rings is to explain the steps of the ingredients required for the ingredients of the ingredients of the ingredients.
2 cuts, pickled

Put salt, pepper powder, a little cumin powder

4 Upper paste

5 fried, oil temperature is very important, it takes 60 % to 70 % hot, just put the chopsticks in the foam


6 Slow Fry

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