Greece can

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Greek cans need material sugar powder 40 grams low gluten flour 150 g Butter 80g egg yolk 2 salt 1 gram berry sauce Address Greek can be detailed
1 ingredients, Butter takes out in a bowl in a bowl.

2 Put the softened butter into the basin, add sugar powder and salt.

3 is sent to slippery with an electric egg.

4 oxycalized bubbles and then stir well again.

5 Screen into low-gluten flour

6 is mixed with a rubber blade into a uniform dough.

7 Put the dough into a spherical shape, and the wrap is given into the refrigerator for 30 minutes after 30 minutes.

8 takes about 10 grams of dough, and uses the palm to be a round sphere.

9 Grilled tray placed on tin paper, all the doughs all into a circular ball, and evenly on the baking tray, pay attention to the middle to leave appropriate voids.

10 With chopsticks, a small amount of water, press a small hole in the middle of each small ball, pay attention not to be too deep, about 0.5 cm.

11 Put the appropriate amount of strawberry jam into the silk flower bag.

12 Scars a small mouth in the pouch, then in the cave of each small ball into the appropriate amount of strawberry jam, basically filled the hole.

13 oven preheat, up and down 180 degrees, put into the middle layer, bake about 20 minutes. Don’t hurry to open the oven after shutting down, and the rest is 10 minutes.

14 Grilled to the color with a slightly coke yellow, take out and let it cool, you can taste it!

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