Pressure pot cake

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Promoting digestion and protection of gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal anti -cancer, anti -cancer, constipation and cosmetic beauty improvement of immune force: the general population is edible. It is especially suitable for people with weak constitution, lack of qi and blood, malnutrition, constipation]; [hypertrophy, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, fatty liver, cancer] patients, especially [digestive tract cancer] patients; Dry] People.

Taboo crowds: [Patients, diarrhea, and intestinal diseases after gastrointestinal surgery] patients with caution.

The material required for the pressure cake cake low powder 80g milk 50g color pull oil 30g of sugar 20g (egg yolk) sugar 50g (protein) bubble powder one -diced lemon juice 3 to 5 drops of electric pressure cake cake method method. Step details 1 Prepare raw materials, pots should be no oil and water

Beside by raw materials, protein egg yolk separation

3 Mixing egg yolk paste, because it is a novice baking, some family is incomplete. Specific steps: Add sugar and color tensile oil to the egg yolk and stir well, then add the low powder several times into several times, and then add it to continue adding it. More uniform

4 add a few drops of lemon juice to the protein

5 The bear eggs I use, 2 Add the fish eye bubbles to add sugar. I add it once, and I can add it twice

6 to continue 2 gears, play for 5 to 8 minutes (actually only only only only After playing for five minutes), the protein can be erected, or there is a small sharp corner that stands up when the eggbeater is lifted

7 Take half of the protein and put it in the egg yolk paste, Turn up and down and mix well

8 The remaining protein adds one at one time. 123]
9 The inner biliary of the pressure cooker is taken out, and only a small amount of oil is brushed on the bottom of the pot. Good paste pour into the pressure cooker, shock up and down several times

11 My home is beautiful. Remember the air raft when baking. The cake keys, the time at the beginning of the control panel does not show time, this time is about 40 minutes, and thenThe control panel will appear for 30 minutes, and I only took 15 minutes.Because I waited for 30 minutes when I was baked for the first time, I took it out, and the roasted cake was taken out of the bottom slightly dry

12 cakes in the pressure cookerCome one, dry it upside down after baking

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